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  1. Assuming the card doesn't require over 200W, is the XBOX360 PSU still a viable option for powering the PE4C? Or is that an old suggestion? Is the DA-2 preferred? I know some EXP GDC people are having some trouble with the DA-2 voltage fluctuations. Best solution is still an ATX PSU?
  2. thanks Tech Inferno Fan. one other pre-purchase question for you or @Atonus: does the RST in the e6440 allow for either of the following setups: (1) RAID1 between storage SSDs in the ODD and mSATA slot? (2) RAID5 between all three disks?
  3. Hi Nando4, taking your advice and just purchased myself a e6440 from an overstock warehouse -- comes with the stock i5 and dGPU Raedon. hoping to set up an eGPU with a nvidia quadro card, so first step will be to retrofit an EC card into the slot (which should be about an US$ 80 procedure, does that sound right?). only other mod i'm planning right now is a CPU upgrade to a i7 quad. anticipating some heat problems there, but will deal with that when i get to it. when i get the eGPU running, will the dGPU be fine if left enabled for the internal screen? hoping to have a "desktop" set up with an eGPU and external monitors but leave the Raedon card enabled for better graphics on the go, if that makes any sense. also, will it be possible to set up an x2 link with these components?
  4. I'd be delighted to give a Gen2 set up a shot, but it is my first time with an eGPU and others have already seemed to have trouble with it. Also, isn't there a restriction with the newest generation intel chips? i am purchasing a laptop with an eGPU set up in mind -- was going to stick to Dell e-series. but maybe i should go with an older model that can handle an older chip? What would you recommend as far as stable set up for gen2 pcie?
  5. hi all, does anyone have anything to say about the following setup: EXP GDC Beast (via expressCard) nVidia Quadro (k2200 or k4000) running on i7 quad (e.g., 4810mq) first question is: what would be the best way to power the eGPU? i know most people here use the GTX series, but for a 3d modeling application, I am under the impression that the Quadro drivers are unbeatable. but setting that debate aside, does anyone know if the quadro drivers are compatible with this hardware? would the Optimus work for the internal LCD?
  6. Hi all. I've seen some discussion of this elsewhere, but will nVidia Quadro cards work with windows in boot camp? I know that many folks claim to get GeForce cards to work with Quadro drivers, but I think nVidia has recently made that more difficult. The reason is that I'd like to make an eGPU set up that is worthy of real 3d modeling in Rhino. No need for high frame rate, just high detail. Wondering if anyone here has attempted a quadro eGPU with a MBP. I see one implementation guide with a Lenovo L440 + express card. Thinking a TB2 would be superior. (On a separate note, as I am relatively new to this thread, would just like to say that this is the kind of thread worthy of a book deal. Congrats to Tech Inferno Fan et al.)
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