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  1. Thunderbolt 3 ports are already being employed in current Clevo models, Clevo P870DM-G has it and upcoming P775DM Has it too.. I am not sure about older models, but I've read of some of them having it. As for the Display Positioning.. maybe get a Cooler beneath? Its hard to implement such sort of thing. Anything higher than 1080P should be good. Especially with Gsync.
  2. Well you may be right about that.. However P870DM is built for gaming market.. There are other models being offered for those purposes.. I don't see anyone carrying a heavy machine like P870DM to site locations.. Things you talk about are not the things that occur frequently!
  3. Most of your laptop's components are in use 99% of the time your laptop is being used (except ODD).. That means CPU GPU RAM HDD/SSD/WiFI Motherboard ETC. almost 4 years ago I went for clevo without internal ODD. I opted in for HDD Caddy instead. And I wasn't wrong. I bought an extrenal USB BD burner(just in case I ever need to use a CD/DVD/BD - Its collecting dust now).. I used it only 2 times in 4 years.. That was also for some minor need. Of course I am not the only thing relevant here nor only what i want matters. Point is that ODD use is very limited in some cases none compared to other components of the laptop. You still have USB ports and External ODD's to record your stuff if you still need to use cd/dvd/bd. That said, laptops internal compartmental space is very crucial. You do not want it to be super clunky and at the same time perform the very best. While maintaining a thin form factor or using that space for extra cooling elements makes more sense than making a really ugly ass bulky laptop. That's just my opinion.. But I am pretty sure many agree. Although I wont be going for P870DM /G.. I was really glad to see it gone. P.S Having an external ODD drive makes more sense.. Lets say you want to ever use it on more than 1 of your clevo's/ultrabooks/windows tablets you can just plug and play instead of 2 useless drives sitting internally.. Does it make sense?
  4. I seriously do not get the point of licensing/distributing prema bios/vbios mods to certain select resellers.. Isn't the point for clevo owners to make use of it after all? Seems like less people will be having access to it after all. Good for you guys. and rest of us will be fine with whatever the stock has to offer. And no one is going to suffocate.. you just wont be able to kill your clevos life span fast enough with stock clocks.
  5. Dear Clevo, The P870DM was a good step forward but in my opinion its lacking a few things i am looking forward too. Since its going to be a big investment for me. I & plenty of others would love something like this: Skylake E + Pascal desktop GPU 4k Gsync capable screen (in 17/18 inch form factor) And a bigger keyboard. (I know that Clevo is going to cheap out again.. But if they do not go for it, I might still consider buying it.) And most important and final is a single PSU Solution to this. No wants to carry dual bricks!.. If it does not end up being that way.. then ill pass for sure! Ill be okay with waiting a year for this to come true.. But I am sure if this becomes a reality, then it is going to be one of the most successful gaming laptop ever. Period. Until then I have my faithful P170EM with 980M upgrade about to be overclocked. P.S. A note to clevo: If you want to be the best laptop manufacturer out there, (Which you already somewhat are) You could perhaps give your ears to my request. And I guarantee you that I'll do your marketing for you for free! These specs will create a massive buzz in the market for gaming laptops.. You guys did a great job P870DM, especially completely removing the ODD Bay! Props to that. (ODD is a waste of internal laptop real estate. Especially in 2015 and on-wards).. More to come in this discussion I really hope that Clevo is paying attention to it. If there are more people out there who agree with me, then feel free to hit the thanks button or reply to it.
  6. 1. Clevo keyboards have been the worst so far. Not to mention they use the same sized keyboard for the 15inch and the 17inch models. (Very disappointed in my Clevo P170EM keyboard, --- Not impressed with newer clevo keyboards either--- considering MSI Titan GT80) - THEY SHOULD FIRE THE MAGGOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR KEYBOARDS. clearly. Sorry 2. 18inch form factor, with desktop cpu and sli options (might require a higher watt PSU) 3. 4k displays on 17inch and above models 4. Better sound system and webcam. 5. Unlocked / highly customizable bios and future upgradablity and compatbility of graphics and other components. These are my 5 primary and main concerns. if clevo ever meets up the demand.. ill consider going for it. P.S. every clevo competitor has better keyboards than clevo imho!(including asus gigabyte msi alienware) Edit: oh and last one thing as for the material, they could go for something like brushed matte aluminum for fingerprint magnet issue. or something better that I dont know of.
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone's been overclocking a GTX 660M on the Clevo P170EM, the reason I ask this, is because my card is lacking performance. I was wondering to if I should get a GTX 980M or Overclock the GTX 660M. And if I were to overclock, is there a suggested vbios mod can you link me to that works with clevo GTX660M? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I played LoL for 3 Years before I started with Dota 2, at first it was weird getting used to.. I love Dota 2 more now.. Since then I haven't touched LoL
  9. Hey guys I would like to flash this vbios on to my clevo P170EM 660m.. Has anyone tried it?
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