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  1. @jacobsson: It is ok. I talked to hero cloud (good service, quick response) on aliexpress. The "Beast" looks very good and similar to v6, but he couldn't guarantee that it will fit in the v6 enclosure. But he said, he had some small amount v6 left in stock and I should leave a message for checkout for this. Netherland Direct Mail also availible again. I hope it will work.
  2. @jacobsson: I can' answer you, you space is exceeded.
  3. Ok, no I am really fu**ed. I purchased the metal case v6 version at yoybuy, which is now packed and will sent tomorrow, I think. I waited for ordering the EXP GDC v6 at Banggood because I wanted to be sure, that at yoyboy will be no complications. Also banggood offered very fast and cheap Netherland Direct Mail for the EXP GDC, so I had could order later and both, the adapter and the metal case should arrive at the same time. But now: 1. Netherland Direct Mail not longer available. Only the very slow or the pricier options. Arrrrrrrrrgh 2. No longer in stock. "Expected restock on 12th November 2014" Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh 3. V6 Version seems not available any more. The pictures are only showing v7 now. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh So I ask here: Has somebody a (used) EXP GDC v6 adapter, which he would sell? I don't know what to do.
  4. Thanks for the Answers, but could someone response direct to Q1 - Q5, please? That would be great. Especially for deciding from where I buy the EXP GDC. Primarily: Is 6P-pin PCI-e power cable suitable? (Q5), so I could buy from Banggood. And how would you describe the stability of the acrylic enclosure?
  5. Hello, I'm new here and want upgrade my Dell Vostro 3450 i3-2310M with HD3000 on Win7Pro (64 bit). I had not decided yet, which GPU and PSU I want drive (all I know: Nvidia GPU and no ATX PSU) Not wanting to build my own enclosure + price (both of adapter and enclosure) gave the decision for EXP GDC over BPlus PE4C 2.0. Now I have different offers. Complete calculation in the Spoiler. V6 options 1a Banggood: V6 only with ATX cable (the ATX to EXP cable, right?) with free shipping to Germany(is this really correct?) 54.75$ + 10,40$ tax Acrylic Enclosure from yoybuy.com 11,43$ + $9.51* China Post Arimail for Small Packages + own PSU 25$ + own 6P-pin PCI-e power cable (best would be, If I could add the original cable to my yoybuy.com-enclosure-order, but I the there is only the ATX to EXP cable as own article) 8$ =119,09$ 1b lika 1a - 20,94$ acrylic enclosure + steel enclosure $24.87 from yoybuy.com + shipping $20.95 China Post Arimail for small packages + 8,70$ tax =152,67$ *estimated 500g, at Aliexpress.com there is an seller tianhao - strangely not hero cloud's store - who calculate $12.69 + $8.12 (is this reliable?, would be option 1c) **estimated 1200g v7 options: 2a Yoybuy V7 package $50.08 + Acrylic enclosure $11,43 + ATX to EXP cable $1,68 + $45.95 shipping with China Post SAL Parcel (estimated 2600g) =109,14$ + 20,73$ =129,87$ 2b Yoybuy V7 package $50.08 + steel enclosure $24,78 + ATX to EXP cable $1,68 + $53.96 shipping with China Post SAL Parcel (estimated 3100g) = 130,5$ + 24,8$ =155,3$ Summarized: V6/acrylic: 119,09$ V6/steel: 152,67$ V7/acrylic: 129,87$ V7/steel: 155,3$ V7 has also comfort of one package and maximum of one personal appearance at costums authoritys Remark/Question 1: I am a bit irritated about the enclosure compatibility and delivery. Google translator said to the metal case: So there is an option for V6? Where can I make a remark? Before purchasing or after? Have I make a remark, for the acrylic version, since they is also avialible for the v7 and since these is newer no remark means: it is for V7? Q2: Is your VGA in your acrylic box secure? Could I lay down the box on the wide side, tilting 90°? Is it durable against small impact? Q3: Has somebody experience with the V7 in one of the enclosures? If driven without enclosure how would you rate the cable management? Does the power cable to the vga goes in front of the vga fan for example? Q4: Is support given, if I buy from banggood? Q5: Is any 6P-pin PCI-e power cable suitable? Does I get it right, that Cain_enD had to built his own cable (wtf)? But he is the only one? Q6: Has v7 any advantages? At the aliexpress shop I can read: The input interface: Mini PCI-E (WLAN\WWAN\DMC) Expresscard (34#/54#) NGFF (Slot A), Thunderbolt Thunderbolt, really? Has somebody driven a V6 modell with an AC adapter >75W? When I buy a PSU extra, than maybe not the 220W Dell modell. At the list for recommended GPUs there is the hyphen/line between the red and green cards at the V6 pic above GTX660 and at V7 above GTX680! Is this arbitrary classification for marketing or reasonable hint due to better system? Q7: What would be the best card, you can advise, which don't will bore and waiting for the CPU. (I know, there is an bandwith bottleneck too, but in desktop area there are often advised gpu-cpu-pairs which match good. Nobody would drive low-cost-CPU with high-end-GPU) Sorry for my bad English. I hope somebody want help me. Many thanks at all users here, especially jacobsson and Tech Inferno Fan. ________________________________ 14..10: This is the second try for posting. Today.I am relative sure, that I want buy a used GF Ti560, so the DA-2 from Dell would be necessary.
  6. Yeah, I am really interested in the v2.1. If there will be an enclosure similar to the EXP GDCs ones available, then it could be the real deal, since there are less quality problems reported than in the chinese product.Can you get ANY information about the v2.1, Tech Inferno Fan? EDIT: Is the mod approval only for the first post or for long posts? My first (and long) post in the EXP GDC thread will get checked, but this is sended immediately. :confusion:
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