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  1. I followed the guide and everything worked but when I typed "EC" it said: "dos memory buffer 2 allocate failed" I have tried manually to write both: flashit EC305.bin /EC flashit EC305.bin /ECP ; same result. Any ideas?
  2. A lot of webshops provide some desktop PC hardware templates where you can pretty much adjust everything and then make them build it for you for a little fee. I can recommend trying that.
  3. vewen

    Do you want an effective cooling pad?

    Seems a little high. What was/is your room temperature?
  4. vewen

    So, why does Lenovo create BIOS restrictions?

    They probably don't believe the average user would need to access the BIOS. I think it's stupid that they haven't made the option to turn on the BIOS features like a lot of other brands do.
  5. vewen

    Z580 - Wlan whitelist removed [TEST]

    Would be interesting to get an assessment of whether it works for the y-series. Would be nice!
  6. Lenovo; I absolutely love my y510p so far. The IdeaPad product line is really good. Only downsides I have experienced were the lack of 5 GHz / .ac WIFI support and the touch pad quality. Those things can be quite easily overcome though.

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