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  1. If anyone reads this: After a few days of testing, and flashing different ov vbios, it seems that these cards just don't overclock as high as my previous cards. I got 2 new 680m under Dell warranty.
  2. It was 400mhz in afterburner so 200mhz actual. I've seen that others are able to set higher than 400mhz in afterburner so wondered if I had an issue with the cards.
  3. Hey guys I have an Alienware M18x r2 and I'm having an issue overclocking the memory past 400mhz using Msi Afterburner. I'm using svl7s 1.05ov vbios. My machine spec is: 3940xm cpu - triple pipe neatsink Dell 680m sli 16gb ram 1600mhz Evo 840 pro 250gb Stock 330w power brick Has anyone else had the same issue overclocking the memory? My understanding is you can overclock past 400mhz on the memory with stock vbios. Is this correct? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hey guys I'm Damian from Leeds, UK. I bought an Alienware M18x r2 earlier this year, my first gaming laptop, and I had the gpus replaced in late September. I was looking for unlocked vbios which led me here (svl7 vbios are badass). I've been a member since September but not active as I don't feel I have the knowledge to really contribute; the guys on here are waaaaaaay smarter than me with technical stuff!
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