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  1. have you tried to increase power and thermal limits ? are you using inspector or afterburner?
  2. @CACV , @dttran83 , could one of you guys test if the voltage changes when u increase it?
  3. are any of you able to increase voltage ? also @dttran83 is it completely stable? because when i ran at those clocks the card didn't even run 3dmark 11 or complete a 3dmark11 test
  4. The entries for the 119F.10EA.1462 will need to be changed to 119F.05AA.1462 for the 311.70 drivers to work on the modded ROM the modded ROM works on the MSI cards , it is most likely a limitation in the bios that we can't increase voltage the BSOD are caused by driver incompatibilities most likely due to the NOS system since no other laptop companies is using this technology
  5. yea you can change it in your overclocking utility or it might just be downclocking due to power restrictions but it take alot into consideration when it starts to downclock
  6. thats due to the dynamic system, maybe u have the temp target set to 85 or something similiar?
  7. sadly enough the NOS system is built into the laptop itself , yea i was primarily using inspector , i posted the MSI vbios in this thread , but u have been working on a MSI vbios so it has to be the MSI laptop , but in all seriousness the card is great even without the increase power .
  8. ya , I think its the MSI system itself .... the 311.70 from MSI work so , well the 320.49 do work well except it bugs out sometimes when switching from igpu to dgpu but thats all, also the 780M OC vbios on MSI GPU with the MSI laptop doesn't allow the voltage to go above 1.012 , which i believe is the default max voltage if i am not wrong. it might just be that the NOS system they created might have a fixed voltage set for the Card on MB ... maybe i hope i am wrong
  9. thanks for help , but it seems that any drivers that don't support the msi version cause a driver_power_state_failure BSOD ... so i went back to 311.70 from msi
  10. yep i did disable driver signing however using a different method since the smart boot doesn't allow the cmd prompt method for some reason , i did windows_key+I>change settings> general> scroll down to bottom and click on restart now under advanced startup> then select advanced options> advance startup then f7 for disable driver signing , i wish i could use the cmd prompt method , this one such a hassle, however there is one bug , when the screen turns off or something like that it freezes but aslong as the computer is being used it perfectly fine, also this bug is related to the driver not the vbios
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