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  1. Hi Lightning, At the end I was able to install a modified driver, but I had to turn off a windows a protection first (please see that in the video below), which didnt allow me to a driver coming from an untrusted publisher. Many thanks Istvan --- MOD EDIT: Removed email
  2. Hi LightningPL, I ve a quite similar problem here. I ve bought a quadro k5100m for a clevo p170sm /pc scpecialist vortex iv from ebay. The seller said the card had to work with clevo p170sm. I have already email them about my issue, but havent got answer yet. The bios cant see the card at all, it says "unknown". I have flashed the bios of the laptop, but didnt help. The OS boots, I dont have problem with that. Checked the card with GPU-Z, that sees the card, but only with 3gb of mem. Tried to install a driver with modified .inf, but that was not successful. The vbios version is 80.04.C9.00.04. Did you have an luck to make it works since your last post?
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