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  1. L_E_X

    How does your desktop look like

    Very cool! How is it works?
  2. Hello! Anyone try to launch 4 gtx 780 ti with SLI support on x9drg-qf?
  3. hello - where can i get bios version for x9drg-qf with SLI support? which is a fundamental difference between these versions?
  4. Hi - could you tell me, after update bios and after turning on SLI mode, do you observe any errors or blue screen or others problems, especially with heavy GPU load during long working time?
  5. Hi did you solved your problem with TItans? I have X9DRG-QF with two xeon 2687w on board and 4x GTX 780Ti - everything looks good, but i upgraded bios to R 3.0a and still don't have SLI support. :-( I was got R 3.0a on suppermicro official site. Where can i get Bios with SLI support - thanks...

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