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  1. for eu-citizen, who are interessted in the box: in this shop in germany is the box available until end of september for really fair € 238,-: AKiTiO Thunder2 PCIe Box T2PC-TIA-AKTU they have a warning there: nicht geeignet für Grafikkarten = not to use with graphicboards *hehe*
  2. to beginn with, i don´t need gaming issues under osx, but it would be nice to speed up photoshop, (maybe a future iteration of lightroom with gpu-support), cinema4d and finalcut. but i also like, to have it to work under win7 on the mini. then i could discharge my gaming-dose . accordingly to ms-Dos, we call win-pc´s snidely as a `Dose´ in german. `dose´ itself, means the english can.
  3. may, i missunderstand it. but isn´t it an advantage to run the eGpu by a riser, since you only need to power-on one power-supply, instead of two with the akitio-psu?
  4. did i understand this correct? you don´t need the akitio-psu?
  5. @gothic80 where did you buy your akitio-box? i´m from austria and also interessted to buy one. @all: is it possible to run this box on a mac mini 2012, because i read, you have to install windows in efi-mode. does this mini support this? is it also possible to drive it under a bootcamp-install. does it work properly under osx 10.9? i´ve a msi 7850 lying around, but probably don´t work under osx?. but i want to buy a msi gtx760. or do you have any other suggestions? since thunderbolt 1 has "only" 20gb/sek, what is the real-world speed of pci-express in a normal pc system?
  6. @entzoe: i also own a mac mini 2012. can you please tell me about your setup? i also like to do an egpu-setup for it, but i don´t like the way over the expresscard-adapter. do you also have windows-drivers?
  7. @dernils did you allready find an egpu-solution for your mac? i just bought a mac mini and want to upgrade it for 3d stuff and gaming, booth in osx and windows. but i don´t like the solution with sonnet-express and better like even that one with the akitio or with the thundertek.
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