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  1. Ok last try to figure out which connector it is. Did you already compare your Ultrabay connector to a Mini PCI Connector (different to mPCIe)? For me it looks like the connectors would fit perfectly together but i can't measure the Ultrabay connector in my y510p and i just got the dvd drive version. The mini PCI connector is about 5 cm and has 61 pins on one side. As far as i can see the connector in the Ultraybay slot the amount of pins and length of the connector seems pretty samiliar to the Mini PCI connector.
  2. i am sorry i thought there were not enough pins on the long side of the pcie x8 port. How about taking the long part of a pcie x16 female connector and just glue the little plastic bracket in after 15 pins?
  3. could you tell me how long the ultrabay connector is? A picture with a Ruler for scale would be perfect. Maybe it works if you use a pcie x16 female connector and cut it after 15 pins so nobody has to buy a gt650/750/755 just to tear it apart for the connector. If you already got the gpu for sli mode a eGPU isn't neccessary in most of the cases. And could you post the link to the pinout of the ultrabay connector? Can't find anything the way you described it.
  4. Did you try to use a ultrabay connector of a hdd ultrabay extension which are sold for 15$ on ebay and aliexpress? Or the connector of the dvd drive? If you sell the gt650m you could by 10 of these http://hddcaddy.com/en/lenovo-ibm-hdd-caddy/432-lenovo-ideapad-y510p-hdd-caddy.html At least the GT650M is still available http://www.aliexpress.com/item/wholesale-Y400-Y500-extended-graphics-external-drive-bit-graphics-board-lS-8692p/1997081915.html EDIT: Forget anything i just said, according to this thread the ultrabay connector is just an ordinary PCIe x8 connector which can be desolderd from any 20 $ PCIe x8 Riser card.
  5. Contact me if you want so trade the SLI card againt a hdd enclosure or sell it.
  6. Contact me if you want to sell the Ultrabay graphics card or trade against a hdd enclosure.
  7. Are you sure with the support of 16x?On wiki it says m.2 supports only up to x4. I am interested in an m.2 egpu kit but it depends on the price and i don't need an case for it. Whats the mounting matter with mpcie? Do you just mean the effort of plugging and unplugging while half of the laptop is took apart? I havent tried an eGPU setup yet so i havent any expierences with that.
  8. Hi, I just wanted to know if somebody already tried or is going to try out to connect a PCI-Express GPU via M.2 NGFF Slot. I found this adapter (P14S-P14FP (M.2 to PCIe X2 Edge Extender Board)) but i dont know if it works with the eGPU Setup. M.2 supports PCIe x4 so it should be faster than mPCIe and Expresscard right? Thanks
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