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  1. QuiteNice

    Disable Intel Turbo Boost Y510P

    Hey! I need some help here. I just got my Y510P a BIOS MOD from this forum. Working perfect But I think I need to disable the Turbo Boost. I OC'ed to 3,6Ghz, but under stress test it goes down to the turbo boost value 3,39 or 3,40ghz... What to do?
  2. QuiteNice

    Installed WIN7 on Y510P mSATA gone..

    As the thread says I re-installed the Y510P with windows 7. Becouse I hate working with WIN8. But now the mSATA is gone! Can't find it anywhere.. Thanks in advance
  3. QuiteNice

    Y510p SSD usage

    You can set your temp folder there. Or use it as a booster to the system cache files. Or install your top 3 games there

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