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  1. I passed the information onto my friend to which he tried with no success, no sign of life at all. Would you say that the new motherboard is faulty also or could it be the CPU since that is the only thing I cant test in another machine?
  2. A friend of mine brought me this laptop earlier which all of a sudden would refuse to power on, no life at all. Prior to the no power problem the laptop wasn't charging the battery which was put down to a failing mosfet but of no real concern until this problem came about. After researching the issue to death he bought a replacement motherboard which he gave me to fit this morning, however the system wont power on still which has left me scratching my head. So far I have done the following, Tested the RAM and GPU in my R4, both fine, unable to test CPU. Booting with only keyboard, power button and screen. Only keyboard and power button. Just power button. Power, CPU, RAM and GFX, Power, CPU, RAM, GFX and keyboard. There is no life at all, so I began research of this new problem and found the board behind the button could be the culprit or CPU since I am unable to check. Surely there should be power if CPU faulty of missing though, desktops and other laptops I have worked on will all show signs power with components missing or is this not the case with the M17x R2? Is there anyway to trigger the boot up without the power button? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Finally decided to flash my dell 680m with the unlocked bios allowing a new oc of core +182 from +135 and memory +676 from +624, passing 5 extreme setting runs in heaven 3 for stability test. Although I was more than happy with the results I decided to try the 1025v bios managing + 247 core and +676 memory passing 8+ hours overnight run of heaven 3 extreme settings for stability test with no issues and temperature increase @load went from 69degC to 72degC. Very impressed with the gains from this bios and sure glad I decided to try unlocking the full potential this card has to offer, thank you.
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