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  1. I'll like to change my nickname back to joluke if possible? Don't work with INPHTECH anymore
  2. Check notebookreview for that: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/official-coffee-lake-refresh-thread-bios-for-all-clevo-laptops-rtx-cards-now-supported.825558/
  3. The logo won't avoid you losing your warranty... You know a changed BIOS will void your warranty right? Only a stock bios will keep it
  4. As a ELITE member you should have rights to download it. Else contact a moderador or the administration so they can give you download rights
  5. Can you please make a stock BIOS so I can flash it? P775DM3-G
  6. A question: since your bios is based on 1.06.04 and Clevo oficial is 1.06.02 wouldn't I hardbrick by flashing the oficial? Since it is a downgrade?
  7. Getting @BAKED still waiting for a version that fixes this.... getting loads of thermal throttling even using throttlestop...
  8. Kindly waiting for a BIOS that fixes the typos and next month you can count on a donation for sure @BAKED as an appreciation for your work
  9. Here I am wondering why he does it... Not like someone is being rude to him. I'm just curious on how he does it.
  10. Answer just two questions @BAKED : if you modify the BIOS in a Hex Editor does it lose the signature it has? You sign it with Clevo's tools or those tools can be found in the web? (to sign the BIOS or preserve its original signature)!? Thanks
  11. Thanks a lot my friend Btw i'm using P775DM3 bios and got the same characters in case you didn't know
  12. Having the same characters in the EXIT tab... Any fix for it?
  13. @BAKED contacted you via private message about the same issue and i'm wondering if you could do it for me please?
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