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  1. My clip seemed to work for the main bios chip. Got a completely verified hash after flashing the chip, and double-verified just to make sure. I'm figuring the EC must do SOMETHING other than colour settings for the AlienFX. Wouldn't need 1~2 MB just for that, I think. Maybe it holds the settings that were changed from an unlocked BIOS, but since I'm far more familiar with UEFI chip layouts than BIOS layouts, I could be completely wrong.
  2. Thinking back a bit, I think I had the memory overclocked through the bios. Would that have something to do with this?
  3. Flashing the "tailed" bios results in 4 beeps when trying to boot up. Dell considers this a memory failure, but I know there's nothing wrong with the RAM chips themselves.
  4. I just used Linux' "tail" command to read the last 4 MB of the file and output that to a different file. Problem now is, it didn't contain the EC's .bin file.
  5. How did you remove the header? I'm having the same problem with a bad bios that you did, but I'm using an SPI programmer with a clip instead.
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