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  1. So can anyone tell for sure that it's win 8 or 8.1 and for which GPU it's made 750m or 755m, SLI or not? Thanks. Edit: i found everything that i was asking when rereaded all comments
  2. actually this time i installed modified version of win 8.1 and had just to change scaling to manual and that helped. but now i have problem with SLI. in nvidia settings there's written that it uses both GPU but in reality just one is working. Any idea about that? i tried new version of drivers and also installed bios update, but there's no noticeable change in systems work.
  3. I had similar problem with 755m sli. I solved it by removing one vga card and then reinstalling graphics drivers. After that it looks like everything works fine.
  4. Well I'm gonna try both methods today ( since I just installed win 8.1) and than post the results here.
  5. HI, i have a problem with my lenovo y510p gt755m sli. On win 8.1 some of the windows are blurry, but there's no such problem when i installed windows 7. Does any one else have such a problem and has a solution for it?
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