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  1. Well, here are some sad facts: You can buy this controller on ebay link(Smart Speed Controller for Laptop Notebook Cooling Fan DC 5V 2 3 Pins | eBay) but it will not work as it should if you do not have cooler (fan) like this one: This fan is 5V rated and can be found only on i7 versions. i5 version looks like this and is about 3.5V rated. Acer made a seriously d**k move with this. Good news is that they are compatible. Buy cooler for i7 and use Fan Controller utility from Acer, or install Smart Speed Controller in laptop case and overheating is history. Unfortunately, there are none to buy at EBay at the moment.
  2. jovancic

    Cooling a 5750G?

    I still don't like it. If I turn the laptop on and forget to start Fan Controller, temp goes to 70 C. I am going to hardwire fan to 5V supply so it runs at max speed all the time. I just have to figure out where to hijack 5V from. If anyone knows, please do tell.
  3. jovancic

    Cooling a 5750G?

    Here you can find program and instructions : ftp://ftp.work.acer-euro.com/notebook/aspire_5750G/fan/
  4. Where did he took 5V from? I tried from USB, but it wont work as it should.
  5. jovancic

    Cooling a 5750G?

    Also, Acer made small simple app that in theory should allow you to run your cooler at max speed. App name is Fan Controller (how originally), you can download it from Acer site. In my case, fan does go max speed, drops temp 40-50 C, and then stops completely until temp rises. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesnt work at all and I have to restart system in order to speed up fan.
  6. jovancic

    Cooling a 5750G?

    I had same problem. You should open fan itself and clean dust inside, use Arctic cooling paste and NEVER play a game without cooling pad!
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