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  1. I just did a panel exchange on my W230ST myself, about the easiest repair you could imagine, you just have to unclip the lcd front cover carefully, remove 4 screws, remove the adhesive tape that holds the cable to the panel, replace the panel and put it all together again. Takes 5 minutes at most.
  2. I have a question for svl7: Do you think the GTX780m vBIOS file will work with Alienware as well? I'm expecting my AW17 for tomorrow
  3. I just ran the Windows patcher (be aware, once you've started it, there is no further confirmation whether you want to proceed or not, so you're committed I have found no difference in GTX680m throttling behaviour between stock A05 and the modified one.
  4. After testing all of the different VBIOS versions for the GTX680m on my M17x R4, I suspect the throttling we see is a power issue, most likely due to the mxm board exceeding its power threshold. Reason why I suspect this is that I'v noticed much worse throttling with the 850 MHz OV VBIOS compared to the non-OV version at same settings otherwise. Interestingly, I've even noticed slight throttling at stock clocks in the first 3DM11 test - can anyone else confirm this?
  5. Can anyone perhaps provide me with a Dell GTX680m original vbios? Thanks in advance! Never mind, just found out it had been posted before
  6. Perhaps we won't be able to solve the throttling by tinkering with the vbios at all. Remember that a solution for the gtx580m power throttle (other than setting P0=P1) was never found, and it required a system bios update to enable overclocking and gpu boost with the gtx680m. I doubt Dell will find a pressing need to rectify the situation, either.
  7. @svl7: Yeah, I remember that 3DM scores peaked at +100/200 MHz with M17x R4 stock BIOS as well, so the throttle seems to be in effect.
  8. What I find especially puzzeling is the fact that the "deep" throttling with brief spikes down into the 200eds happens primarily with benchmark tools: for me, most prominently with 3DM11 and Vantage (as many other have stated, above +100 MHz OC Core, + 200 MHz OC mem), and less so with Unigine Heaven (for me, it's "stable" up to 900+ MHz). In games, I've yet to experience this behaviour. What's more, a higher OC yields a definite performance increase in gaming as expected, so it is only because of the throttling that 3DM scores start to go down again. However, there's another "soft" throttling that's especially apparent for me in WoW. Rather that erratically fluctuating between around 200 and max for less than a second, the GPU will clock to different freqs for extended periods of time. Most often when doing so, it will stay above default at 720+ MHz, seldom it will clock down to around 650 MHz. I am not sure that this is the same underlying mechanism, it could just be the "bored throttle" with less demanding games. It does, however, happen even when power settings are set to prefer maximum performance rather than adaptive and not only in less demanding scenes.
  9. Don't think that's the reason here: I have disabled frame rate target and set the driver to prefer max performance. Throttling does not occur in less demanding scenes in WoW, but totally randomly. And, there is still the 3DMark throttling at higher oc - I get the highest score at 100Mhz core/200 MHz memory. A higher clock will just lead to throttling spikes and a lower score. So, all is not good here either. I'm running on the first BIOS posted here, +100MHz core, btw.
  10. The throttling issue with the 680m on the M17x is a most curious one: My GPU will happily take 959 MHz in BF3 multiplayer on Ultra as well as Crysis 2 Ultra/DX11 3D without a sweat, yet it will quickly downclock to 830 - 650 MHz (at worst) in the much less demanding WoW! Even so, it will go up again after a while and keep fluctuating (albeit on a high level, usually staying above the base clock). Those sudden, brief dips down to about 200 MHz I've only experienced in 3DMark 11 and Vantage and Unigine Heaven so far, though. It doesn't seem to do that while gaming, for whatever reason. I also *think* that memory speed will affect throttling behaviour. At least in 3DMark, it seems to me that the lower the memory is clocked, the fewer of these dips occur. Thus, it might be a kind of power throttle at work here.
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