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  1. I just find your topic here, I have an Asus G51vx like to know if you have any bios mod for gtx260m
  2. Okay anyway i I thank everyone's help, I think I'll use a lot the forum because it has very good thing, thanks to all - - - Updated - - - I have also a Asus G51vx with 260m would have something for him?
  3. I would like to change the bios to be able to ovecloker the cpu and also increase the volts to the gpu it also increase your speed 5850 500/900 with 0.9 HP did downgrade 5830 hp brought down Ati 5850m stock clock (625/1000 @1.0v) to 5830 standards (500/900 @0.9v)LOL
  4. Runs the risk of brick and then not being able to restore most, a question would gpu bios motherboard of the same
  5. It was in this same forum I made the request, so you have news I post here, anyway thanks for now
  6. Yes, but it seems to me the video card soldered onto the motherboard and then it seems that the bios and the same, already asked for a bios mod in a specialized forum but so far nothing, you know of any biosmod already done, and the PLL for the CPU and you know what?
  7. Brian I already use the Trixx wheel 560/960 but does not enable to increase the V CORE
  8. Yes tried anything was possible, I use a little over 10% who know to run some benchmarks, but my bios completely lock the gpu 5850 500/900 = 0.9V 5830 LOL I want to try one more cfm fan for CPU and thermal exchange folder also Sorry for my bad english I'm from Brazil
  9. where you use for cooling i7-2902XM@4.1GHz (24/7)/????
  10. i7 720qm 5850m 7 premium HM55 I would like to help, the only thing I did until now was to cut the yellow wire of the cpu cooler to leave 100% could give any tips to improve the refrigerated
  11. I'm really good with bios problem concerning a HP1191NR looked across the web and not found anything, could you help me also
  12. Hi, I'm new to this forum, I have posted this yet a few hours ago but maybe in the wrong section, but i think this may be the right one :-) I have a Hp envy 1191NR laptop. It is a good pc except for the fact it has really inadaguate cooling: maybe for this reason hp brought down Ati 5850m stock clock (625/1000 @1.0v) to 5830 standards (500/900 @0.9v) I would like to help with the PLL also able to overclock the cpu
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