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  1. I contacted them, see what they say. In the list I do not see
  2. Hi, I want to buy a GTX 980M for my P170EM, can you tell me if there are shops that sell in Europe this card compatible with my laptop? Eurocom shipped in Italy it costs me nearly 1000 € !!
  3. I want to buy one for my 980m for P170em, where recommended to buy the 980M? I live in Italy
  4. We're working or is it all stop? Thank You
  5. In P170EM there is a hidden menu for advanced settings?
  6. A questions:the bios contains the VBIOS for 7970? How can I save or write a VBIOS of P170EM? Atiflash save a file with 0 bytes!
  7. Nice bios!Tested in P170EM and work fine! You can mod the bios BIOS 1.00.10 ?I dont like the last bios,for Fn+Wifi dont work with software Hotkey. if you can do it and I agree with donation
  8. FN+F9 in my P170EM is for increase increase brightness. Sorry,after read FN+9
  9. Can you explain how it works this features: - Added full fan speed mode (Press FN+9 to toggle on/off) Thank's
  10. Hii am a new member Why im not have pemession for download the attacched files? Sorry for my bad engllish
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