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  1. Well, don't take it so bad... I have basic knowledge about bios and vbios operations, and it's true that the few lasts i've made were directly in windows... plus, it's been a while I havn't played with atiflash !!! Be understanding with me But you learned me something : i didn't know that a bios chip would react the same way whatever the size (or at least smaller). One of the parameters I've always checked was the file size. To come back on the topic, it's a dead end upgrade, or at least with a dell card. Thanks again for your help. Perhaps, I still have a doubt on the fully fonctionnal out display of this card... I will test it this week in a dell system to garantee it's ok, and then sell it or exchange it with a clevo/eurocom/sager one...
  2. Well, I've been weak, and I couldn't wait further tests with the card, and I flashed it ! The first issue was the size of the ROM... the DELL is 128kb and the clevo one 64kb... when I saw that, I knew this won't be ok but I still continued. Then, I had to add the -fs and -fp option on atiflash in order to be able to flash. It has executed without problems, and after a reboot, I had no screen neither the main display neither the hdmi... But the laptop did post and I was able to blind re-flash the stock vbios, and i'm back at the start point by now Now I think my only hope is to change my card with an alienware owner that has a clevo 7970m with my dell 7970m... or, maybe, testing my laptop with an alienware screen (I say that because windows did recognize the screen perfectly and working in his native resolution, the system power on the screen, but didn't display anything).
  3. Thanks svl7, SFVogt and Tech|inferno !!! I will first test the card on an m18x system tomorrow or early this week, and if I am sure the card if properly working, I will flash the card ! I hope I won't have to bother you again to reflash it hard way if I come to brick the card's vbios I will tell you the result, whatever it is positive or not !
  4. Thnaks for your welcome Yes, the cable is properly plugged in the motherboard (checked more than once !!!)... I also tried the card in a w860cu v2, and the card had same issue... That's why I think clevo update vbios with my card will maybe work on my system... But it could also be the main display output that would be dead... The only way I can check it for now is testing it in an alienware laptop (m15x, m17x, m18x). But I don't have one, or know anyone that own one... The good news if my display out is dead (not really for me) is the 7970m upgrade for asus g73jh is really possible. If someone on this forum lives in France, near my location (Aix en provence), and is ready for testing, we could try the card on his AW system
  5. I Tech|Inferno forum ! I'm new in your community, and my actual project made me make the step in posting a new thread Here is my actual problem : I purchased a Dell 7970m mxm card hoping this one will work on asus G73jh. My laptop was already modified with heatsink "adjustments" for a clevo 6970m the installation was made carefully, checking vrms contact with the gpu heatsink, and the result was that the system has POST, but the main screen didn't display anything, but was powered on... The HDMI out was also working great... I have too a issue with drivers, but I think a clean install will fix this problem. To go further in my upgrade, I need a new vbios that will change output scheme from the one I actually have. I know that it is vbios that redirects outpus (from my last upgrade, I flashed my clevo 6970m to dell 6970m to get my hdmi working). That's why I'm asking you guys, if anyone succeed in dumping is 7970m clevo vbios, please share it with me so I can try to make this card work on my laptop So my motive to flash my vbios is the main screen non-displaying problem, and not the fan full speed issue (@evgasr2 ) Thanks in advance for every contructive answer ! sosa106
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