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  1. [h=3]Transformers: Age of Extinction [/h]
  2. hello friends, This forum is informative,so decided to join here to learn some new stuff. - - - Updated - - - have a great day:Banane19:
  3. Thanks a lot dude,i can wait.....good luck on your setup,u have a better cpu and 670 is awesome.. I asked about 750m ultrabay and the support guy told me they won't make any ultrabay's anymore in the future:angry: But now there is an ultrabay for 750m available for purchase... I will be waiting for your update...
  4. Thanks a lot friend,a few days ago they were not there,and their great customer service said they won't make that anymore....... Ans also is it possible to do egpu on my laptop,if you can answer that??? I am thinking of gtx 760,760>750msli anyways...so is it possible???
  5. Actually mine came with single 750m,and i thought of doing the 750msli...But i asked lenovo and they replied they won't make the ultrabays anymore,and i can't find it anywhere on the internet(ebay or amazon)... That's why i wanted to an egpu setup,do you know it is possible?? Any help would be immensely appreciated...
  6. @Nando can lenovo ideapad y500's mpcie slot be used for egpu??? Anyone else who want to assist me plz give me your views...
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