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  1. I'm posting this with my new Intel Wireless-AC 7260 card!! WHOOTTTT!!! Thanks so much for the mods and instructions!!
  2. Okay figured it out. If you're running into trouble as I did for this whole thing, here's the extra step you need to do. 1. right-click on the fptw64.exe --> go to properties 2. under the general tab --> Unblock if the option is there 3. under the compatibility tab --> check the run this program as administrator box AND also check the box that says Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select your windows os. OMG. Flash sucessful... let's reboot and see... *fingers crossed*
  3. Okay for some reason my cmd.exe seems to be the problem... (I disabled the AV software, disabled UAC + registry). So I decided to use powershell. Powershell was able to do the backup.bat with: "start backup.bat" so yay! I got a bios backup and went on to modifying it. NOW. The problem is I can't flash it. I tried flashing with the script provided on the powershell, and it doesn't like it. And then I tried it with "start" and it doesn't get the -bios argument. Then I went to the cmd and I got the same damn Error 284: Fail to load driver (PCI Express) Tools need to run with administrator privilege account. What the hell? What is wrong with my cmd???
  4. Please help!! Why do I keep getting this error?? I'm running this with the Administrator account with the cmd in Administrator privilege. But I keep getting this error no matter what I try? What am I not getting? Am I missing a step? I can't get this to work so I can't get a backup of the bios to mod it. Please help. T_T I have a Lenovo Y410p with Bios version 1.07. It originally came with Windows 8, which I then quickly proceeded to downgrade to Windows 7 Professional.
  5. This is a god sent! Thanks so much! I'm trying to upgrade my stupid N2230 network card. Got the N7630 but got hit with the stupid Bios message: The network card is unauthorized. Thanks so much guys!
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