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  1. Hi guys! I tell my problem , I have a Lenovo Y510P SLI 750M , Screen FULL HD , few days ago I started with a flash of green screen , so it apart and noticed that the video cable was cut , repaired but now I think it's need to buy a new one, after investigating got information that there are 2 or 3 possible types of signal cables entragan this team , wanted to know if any of you safer on this and what information would be compatible with my computer , I am currently by the " viqy1 dc02001kt00 " but I'm not sure if that really is the model, thanks in advance.
  2. hi guys! What cooler pad would be better to cool the y510p? Does notepal Coolermaster ErgoStand II or notepal Coolermaster X-3? , sorry for my bad English.
  3. Hi guys! I have a lenovo notebook y510p, I have obtained a ErgoStand II coolerpad to reduce even slightly its temperature, but I have not noticed significant difference, I have seen on many forums that recommend NotePal X3 for play equipment, need to know if anyone has had the oprtunidad to test both cooler and give me advice, greetings, sorry for the bad English.
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