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  1. I have a 780m from my old old laptop that bricked lol, my new laptop has come with a Radeon r9 m270x, would there be much involved in installing the nvidia card, heat sink wise etc and do you have to unlock the bios etc as you did with the R4 to get it to work?
  2. Bios chip has been soldered on and we have reassembled but still 7 beeps. One thing i noticed is the lights in the exhaust and trackpad have changed. Any ideas? Oh my brother mentioned that close to the cFeon chip there was a Winbond 25X20BVNIG, the chip though was smaller. 2nd bios?
  3. Long story short I did a bad blind flash by pulling out the power as I thought it didn't work. Afterwards the computer started giving me 7 beeps, i have since replaced the bios chip and it is still giving me 7 beeps. Is it possible I stuffed my cup by pulling out the power during the blind flash?
  4. Bios chip arrived, thank you very much having it soldered today. My brother identified the chip (cFeon F8075HCP) to replace with yours (Winbond 25Q64BVSLG) just wanted to confirm that they compatible? My brother said they are both SPI EEPROMs but wasn't 100% on the size difference and if it matters.
  5. Hey how's it going, long story short I stuffed up a bios flash on my comp and I am going to replace the bios chip, I was just wondering if any one knows the location of the chip on my board ( we already have the chip) Mx17 r4 Thank you in advance
  6. Nice I didn't know they existed, how much, I'll just take it to an expert to solder for me.
  7. No Warranty left FML LOL - - - Updated - - - No Warranty left FML LOL
  8. Once the computer shut down and I tried to restart it, it gave me the single beep again, I was using the A11 unlocked bios, trying to flash to the one at the beginning of this forum. (a05 I think) This method wont even work now, when I hold the end button with the set up usb stick it doesnt even light up now, Is there a way to reset it again. (and yes in hind sight it was a very poor decision to turn it off, but I believed it to not have worked as it just kept beeping.)
  9. I had recently installed a gtx 780m with no issues until this morning, basically when i tried to turn it on, all i got was one single beep that didn't repeat. I tried pulling out the gpu and I was able to get a post and get into windows, but it shutdown while I was looking for bios updates, I then proceed to try and flash the bios using this method http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m17x/1978-%5Bm17x-r4%5D-bricked-bios-fix.html The computer just kept beeping for 5 min so I turned it off and tried again, after the second attempt the 7 beeps started to happen and now I am stuck.
  10. after trying this to fix a problem I had I am now getting 7 beeps, wtf have I done and is it possible to fix this?
  11. Now after trying to flash the bios to an older version I am getting 7 beeps, fml. Is there any way to fix this. or have U F%^Ked my computer
  12. I replaced all the thermal pads when I installed the card
  13. Ok a bit of a story, a few weeks ago my computer wouldn't boot, it was giving me 8 beeps, to which I followed the guides to fix and eventually upgraded my gpu to a gtx 780m. now 4 days later after the install as to which I thought there were no problems, I go to turn it on this morning and I get 1 single beep no repeating of that beep..... I tried to reset to CMOS and once it goes through the boot cycle of 5 beeps, it will go back to the single beep, the laptop turns on, fans and even the screen,even though it is just black. I have used the A11 unlocked bios from these forums. I was using Gpu z to monitor the gpu and temps where very good, 30 -35 on idle and about 65 under load. I'm not sure if it's gpu related or it's the mobo. Please help and thank you in advance
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