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  1. Would you be able to sell and/or make one of those for any of us? say if i kicked you some money for the raw materials and your time/efforts, have you use the same cutout specs, even just the parts that requires the CNC machine. if you wouldn't wanna build the whole thing I'd love to finish it myself as well. Thanks for the contribution! Love the pics/ idea for one of those things.
  2. I was also looking into this possibility. I am wondering if Intel has provided enough pci memory allocate-able resources for eGPU and if there are TOLUD issues, ect.. just curious if a mPCIE PE4L approach would answer some of these questions if you had one handy, and given optimus compensating for the bandwidth difference it wouldn't be too far off in performance from what I understand being TB1 (still purely for diagnostic, see what happens). Idk would maybe give different results. It looks like theres errors in device manager b4 even taking the power into consideration. If it does happen to be system resources try using a 500/600 series nvidia card with the lower pci memory allocation. I'm new and just trying to throw some ideas around, and learn from their probable stupidity lol.
  3. Thats great news! I should've specified I only want lucidlugix virtu for pcie compression with amd gpu on the HP, will that give me similiar performance as nividia optimus? Also will an hd 6970 work on either laptop? I read somewhere on here b/c of the dual graphics chips onboard that it takes 256Mb X 2.
  4. Thank you for your response. I just purchased a PE4C V2.0, would a r9 280x or hd 6970 w/ lucidlogix virtu & setup1.x work? I am also hoping to get an eGPU setup working on my dell studio 1747 with one of those cards (@ x2 or x4) hence why i have the PE4C and want the PE4H from OP for. Would using windows 8 and setup 1.3 enable me to disable my mobility radeon 4650? If not is my best shot reflashing bios, dsdt override/ pci compaction, and modded drivers like kizwan? Sorry to lay it all down on you at once in the wrong section (I'm guessing). I know its a difficult/ lower performing setup, which is why im buying the hp 2570p and hopefully OP's nvidia card. Can you also point me in the right direction for setup 1.x, if not for the HP then for the Dell? Thanks again. - - - Updated - - - Hey, havn't got an email from you is this still for sale? Thanks
  5. So is that the PE4H V2.4 or V3.2? Also is that the Dell DA-2 adapter that comes with the PE4C/ EXP GDC? I am very interested in purchasing, I wish I could PM. You can reply here or email me at volcomstone508@hotmail.com, Thanks! Also I am purchasing the HP 2570P is this setup plug-n-play for you? did you use setup1.x?
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