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  1. yeah i put the 580m back in and everything worked fine so ill be sending it back shortly
  2. going out on a limb here but could i force it to boot up by putting one of the old 580's in the primary slot then the 880 in secondary then load the driver to the 880 pull it out and put it back in primary? Or does it not work that way?
  3. however if i boot with peg it goes into different windows restore options and it also gives me the option of loading the driver manually. is there anyway to do that with the files i was given? I can also make it boot just fine with the integrated card selected but then the nvidia one doesn't display anywhere. This is all very confusing sorry for being such a pain.
  4. also booting in sg makes it hang about a quarter of the way loaded on the alien head logo
  5. okay so did the old Nintendo trick took it out blew on the port then reinserted it boots now but goes into a weird boot loop im assuming because its set to peg for display and there's no driver so its freaking out? - - - Updated - - - also in BIOS it registers card as discrete graphics 1 nvidia GFX
  6. okay so i finally got it installed but now it just boots to a black screen beeps once then nothing
  7. oh lol well crap - - - Updated - - - now that even a tard like me can fix. Sad thing is i can program a flight computer for my job but this stuff is confounding.
  8. well cards in the right one so now im truly baffled. Any ideas?
  9. ah okay just to verify im not being extra special today is the left or right gpu port the primary one? just trying to figure out why it wont register the card now
  10. so the card isnt even being detected. i assume i did something wrong with the install? - - - Updated - - - what was that line of code you posted for a couple messages up?
  11. - - - Updated - - - tried the fn and f7 nothing happened and it is set to peg in bios. beginning to think card isn't being read at all
  12. Thanks for the help j but unfortunately the installer still says it cannot find compatible graphics hardware even with your modded file. how should the card be displayed under the device manager? im not even sure it is registering at this point. only thing the computer sees is an unknown device which i think is the card and a unknown bus controller. Also i loaded the new card into the right graphic slot that is correct isnt it?
  13. custom desktop cpu i-7 haswell 32 gigs of g skill 2800 2 samsung pro 256 gig ssd's dual EVGA titans all done up with a custom water cooling loop running crap windows 8.1
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