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  1. i dont know if anyone else touched on this but DDU does not work on windows 10 anymore... i tried this on both of my r2's i tries deleting it and reinstalling it, runing as administrator, running in compat mode for winows 7 & 8 and still nothing. i double click it but it never opens... anyone else notice this?
  2. i cant even update to the 1607 build it just errors out with the incompatible hardware code... how did you get it to install?
  3. get a load of this horse crap.... http://www.ghacks.net/2016/07/28/windows-10-version-1607-driver-signing-changes/ its official windows took the plunge... down the drain..... so pretty much anyone that upgrades their laptops will no longer be able to update windows 10 and are stuck on build 1511, because of the new driver signing rules newer updated will not install and fail with a error code, Error 0x80240031 which is the code for incompatible hardware. apparently this new build 1607 known as the anniversary update is changing the way windows handles driver signing to "protect" users aka force them to purchase new systems instead of upgrading.. what a pile of shit.. i knew microshaft was shiesty but damn.... havent felt so middle fingered in a while..... guess i will just run windows 7 as long as i can and move on from pc gaming. if they dont want me here then i will move on. im not going to feed their greed.
  4. so far i have to stick with the 365.10 drivers in my m18x r2 as any of the new drivers after that cause my 780m SLi to throttle to 405/800 no matter what i play.
  5. What is this "hibernate" trick?? i read there is throttling when you restart your pc or shut down. i always put my r2 in sleep mode i hardly ever shut if off. is there any benefit from the new 368.39 driver that was released yesterday? i dont see any mods yet for that either.
  6. ahhh yes yes i have swicks unlocked a12 bios i just dont know how to install it. i get nervous when it comes to bios mods because of how much momney i have put into my r2 buying a new MOBO is not on the list of future upgrades lol. i would be willing to try it if you can direct me how to flash the bios would be great as a long as its in laymans terms because ive never done anything like that before i just use the ones from dell because it pretty much does the work for you
  7. Hello all i just want to start with you guys are all awesome and have helped me with a ton since i started my journey into alienware notebooks. I was directed here by @Mr. Fox to try and fix some issues im having in windows 10 with low usage. ok since this is different than im used to modifying video drivers i have to go full noob on you guys i apologize i just want to make sure i have it right -i download the video driver from this list then run it. -than go into the driver folder and delete all the folder EXCEPT what you are showing here -download the nv_display.inf file you have above and replace the one thats inside the display.driver folder -run the setup.exe / custum / clean install -enjoy im running on the A12 bios its not unlocked and im running a 780m SLi there is no modded needed for the nvdmi.inf anymore with this method? and i read that is a gtx 1080 desktop driver? is there any compatibility issues with this method since its not a mobile graphics driver? again sorry for the noob questions its just different then what i have been doing for the last few years.
  8. yea i have it set up correctly its running like a charm i just cracked the annoying plastic cover of the lcd when i was trying to remove dust that got behind it and odd enough the 3d display and the standard 1080p display are the same price on ebay so why not get the extra frames since i dont have a problem running anything i play at 60.
  9. hello im sorry this has probably been answered 100 times in other articles but you guys here actually read and answer this forum and you guys are my go to for answers so that being said i just ordered a new 120hz 3d display for my m17x r3 i have a gtx 780m i know the 3d wont work but will it be able to output the 120hz frame rate or will it still lock to 60hz?
  10. hey guys i have a quick question so i have a dell gtx 680m 2gb its flashed with a 1025v vbios i have been reading that the dell vbios doesnt gpu boost properly and i should flash it with the msi vbios is this tru what do you think of this.?
  11. no its not temps gpu-z and evga precision x read my gpu at 54c which means its just sitting there idle at stock clocks and when i run a game it will run at 99% but will not boost [ast 324\800 at all and will not get hotter then 65c but like i said when i reset the laptop it goes back to my over clock and runs perfectly its rare that this happens but very annoying when it does
  12. hey i have a slight problem with my 680m since i flashed the vbios there are time when the card itself will clock downt o stock clocks of 324 \ 800 and it wont go higher no matter what i do is this a bad flash or is it something within windows 7 after i reboot my alienware the clocks go back just fine
  13. thanks robbo i am currently at the stock voltage on a modded vbios i am able to get 950\2500 overclock right now and i never go above 65c would it be worth it to go up on voltage to try and acheive a higher overclock would the performance i could gain be worth the extra stress on my cpu or should i stay where im at ? i want to squeeze as much power\performance as i can but i dont want to over tax my stsem to get a %3-%5 difference
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