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  1. Hey, Unfortunately i have bad news. According to GPU-Z sensor log, voltage never exceeds 0.925v. So no change here. Starting 3DM11 results with BSOD. Starting MSI Kombustor stress test, results with program exit. Obviously GPU cant handle 1.1GHz @ 0.925v if stressed. Is it possible that you missed something in bios which was left unchanged? Amal77, in notebookforums, managed to change voltage to 0.95v, but according to him, the 1100mhz was still unstable. I have no idea, why he didnt give GPU a higher voltage, like 1.025 or something similar. Perhaps there are physical limits prohibiting this. Thanks for a try. Too bad, it did not work.
  2. OK. Np. I was suspecting that first message was deleted since it took long to appear. Thanks for explanation.
  3. Looks like i can not answer you since some moderator is deleting my messages.
  4. I have pics from the back side of the board. CPU and GPU are facing bottom of the notebook and its extremely hard to access them. Need to disamble the entire notebook to do that. I gave it a try yesterday, but i failed to do it since i could not locate the point where it was stuck. I cant see GDDDR3 controller on the bottom of MB. So it must be on the same side where GPU and CPU are.
  5. I ran some stress tests on 1100memory and got few artifacts. However 1075mhz memory was clear and stable. So if you would do like 1050/1050 core/memory bios, it would be just awesome. Estimated voltage from 0.925 to 1.025 or 1.05 will be enough. Could use 1100/1050 core memory bios, with core voltage being 1.075v as well, please. I also wonder, if theres any indication of memory voltage being defined in bios. We are running Samsung k4w2g1646c-hc11 GDDR3 chips, which are 1.5v (+- 0.075) 933mhz by default. GDDR3 should hold up easy 1.7v and perhaps with this voltage we could achieve around 1200ish clocks.
  6. Have you figured out, how to change voltage in bios? I did quite a bit of testing with 950mhz bios. GPU barely gets in to 70s in stress test. It can surely handle around +0.1v voltage increase and 1050 or 1100 mhz gpu clock. My 640LE memory can handle 1100mhz, but probably some cant. Memory can be later overclocked with AB or similar tool, so it can be left to 1000mhz in bios. Im willing to test out the new bios versions, if you could make them.
  7. I registered just to say THANK YOU! And ask for 1.05v gpu, 1100core/1000memory mhz bios. Please.
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