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  1. Hi, I own an Lenovo T430u and want a Whitelist removal. So I disassembled and removed the check. But the trouble began with flashing the bios. Steps I did 1. Download the bios ISO from lenovo, http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/h6uj04wd.iso 2. Unpacked/Disassembled the interesting module (Phoenixtool/IDA) Iso -> *.fl1 -> *.mod file 3. Modified the program to always successfuly return the whitelist check 4. Packaged the new bios together (Phoenixtool) *.mod -> *.fl1 -> *.iso However, when flashing the bios with the lenovo tool dosflash.exe /mb /sd /file $0ah6000.fl1 the dosflash tool output is as follows: So i just wanted to verify if the packaging with Phoenixtool, I just unpackaged and packaged the fl1 file with the phoenixtool. This was successful and i was even able to flash the bios again with the original version. So this proves to me that the Phoenixtool works fine. However, somewhere there must be any checksum. I guess this is related to the secure flash verification outlined here? May I use this tool introduced in this thread to flash the bios?
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