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  1. Okay HEYYYY... Can anyone tell me which is the BEST NVIDIA Driver to use? Basically for overclocking my Gt555m... OH and any new Voltage mod with a much powerful voltage ?
  2. Is there a STRONGER Voltage mod? That would allow me to get more JUICE?
  3. Woup is right, After awhile playing Star Wars Empire at war the voltage goes from 0.93v to 0.83v and never goes back to 0.93v untill i restart my computer PLEASE HELP !
  4. Is there another mod with increased voltage ? Oh and is there any AMD processor which could replace the i7 2630 qm if so which AMD processor ?
  5. Is There any AMD PROCESSOR's that can replace the i7 2630qm and fit in the Mobo of the m14x and of course WAY better than the i7 2630 qm ? If so could you recommend a card ?
  6. Okay, so have anyone went over 850 ? Or increasing the Voltage to wards the GPU ?
  7. Hey, I need a little help. My voltage NEVER drops to 0.83 anymore ! even when surfing the Net its always at its maximum clock ... Could someone please advice ?
  8. Hey, Guys... Remember i had problems with my Old Gt555m before the Mobo change.... Well, i'm playing at 840/1680/1050 and its Stable... i'll continue climbing...
  9. For certain games it not, At least 2.5 Ghz that's what i'm looking for. - - - Updated - - - Yes, baseoverclock i've done it before. But now my question is, If I do a Baseoverclock on my 2630qm and leave Turbo Boost off will I get a speed increase ? - - - Updated - - - Don't mind the grammar errors. couldn't be bothered.
  10. Seemed to fixed the problem... Uninstalled Nvidia Performance tool and installed EVGA Precision 2.something something... Either way, problem is gone now. Thanks for the fast replies and help everyone, great thanks. One question, If i overclock my i7 2630QM and Off Turbo Boost, Will my Overclock still work ? Will it be over 2.0Ghz ? or at least 2.5 Ghz ?
  11. Not even A min in game... Glitch, Flickers, Blackscreen for 2 seconds than loads back the game at 13 FPS - 15 FPS ... GPU Temp when it appeared 60C* .Core Temps highest 75* C Used GPU-Z and Hwmonitor plus that HWinfo... After glitching and reload of game all Current GPU voltage jumps from 0.93v t0 0.83V ... So i Revert my Core Clock from 800 to 725 in the Nvidia System Tools, Than ran the game and GPU-Z states the following : GPU load 99% GPU core clock never goes over 202.5Mhz GPU memo 324.0Mhz GPU Shader 405.0 Mhz ... But in Nvidia i set it to 725/1080 ... Not to mention, Only when i restart my computer and start the game the voltage goes back to 0.93v's back goes back to normal allover again
  12. I'm using Hwmonitor for the Voltage... Was just playing Xcom, Very Smooth... @ 800/1080/1600 than frame drops from 60 to 10 or 15, I alt tab out and open upp Hwmonitor And the Voltage for the GPU reads 0.83V @max... And the Voltage for the GPU reads 0.83V @max...
  13. Hey, After playing dishonored for awhile my Voltage will revert back to 0.83v, Can anyone help me on this ?
  14. Alright, Thanks Guys... i'm not getting crashes at 810/1620/1080
  15. OGMMGOMOGMOGOMGMOGOMGOMGOMGMOGOMGOGMOOG DEL REPLACED MY MOBO AND NOW MY GRAPHICS CARD IS A GF116 !!! AND NOT 106 YES ! I'll Flash the GF116 than. Oh and how do i show my Specs on the Forums ?
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