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  1. fiocco

    Overclocking ASUS G750JH GTX780M

    Hello, why you not use ASUS GPU Tweak for OC video card ?
  2. Who have original bios for 770M for ASUS G750JX plz ?
  3. fiocco

    Bricked my ASUS G73JH!! Plz help

    Hello, do you try this I used an USB key fat32 that and placed a single file called G750JW.BIN on it then started my PC while holding the Ctrl+Home button pressed.
  4. fiocco

    Asus G750JW Bios Mod

    Nice Arise it's worked for me with USB key fat32
  5. fiocco

    Display [G750]

    Hello, try change with profile color ChiMei_HC9GK_173HGE-65K or ChiMei_HC9GK_173HGE-75k.

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