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  1. Is there any budget limit on this thing? If no, then go buy the most expensive laptop, Alienware Area 51, besides the over-priced fashion ones like tulip and ego.
  2. I would recommend getting a Lenovo laptop. It is (for me) the cheapest gaming laptop out there that has quality (unlike the no-brand-names made in god knows where). The only downside to this is that Lenovo loves locking you to its own agenda, so customization might be hard (I have Lenovo y580). Mac isn't meant for gaming really, and even the keyboard layout ticks me. It could be a prejudice against Apple itself but I think it is justified. It is way easier to format (like completely) Windows Laptops than mac. If you want to game, windows laptops is the way, if not go for Mac, if all you do is surf.
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