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  1. Intel has a web-based driver-finder that can automatically update your intel components. You simply need to approve permission for a system check. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/default.aspx Keep in mind that there are many software utilities that provide this service as well. I believe "Slim Drivers" is the name of one such program. It will search your entire PC for necessary drivers. It's a good one-stop-shop for device firmware but always manually manage AMD/NVIDIA drivers for performance gains.
  2. As SL said, only possible through some sort of ultrabay modification due to the tethered design necessary in laptops. On another note NVIDIA's GPU line is being upgraded this spring. Maybe you could ultrabay one of those GPUs with your older model? It's probably impossible due to architecture switches from Fermi/Keplar to Maxwell (8-series). You can hope that a supplier will make something happen but a laptop is always a difficult purchase due to the firm components hindering expand-ability.
  3. Doesn't Nvidia Inspector (a NVIDIA GPU utility similar to cpu-z) offer this? Check me if I'm wrong but I wanted to contribute.
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