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  1. thanks buddy, i am very angry, no one answer or help. To burn the notebook they are present , bur for help no one. Thanks buddy, really, at least i am no the only one, i am going o buy a mother by ebay, a lot to money to me. but well. you replaced the mother and all its ok now? thannks!
  2. Hello! i did a bad flash bios of my alienware m14x r2, the expert told me that the "bios" of the bios, the bios of 512kb which controlls the bios of 8mb has been erased in a bad blind flash bios. This file to reprogramed it its a little difficult to get, can anyone help me? anyone have that file? thanks!!!
  3. this stop the problem of trhottling? can you tell me the steps i have to do to stop this problem? thanks
  4. hello, tell them , recently followed all the guide due to the problem of throttling the gpu to downgrade to version a03 bios of the m14x r2, what do by recovery on pen drive usb with the corresponding file that uploaded the friend svl7 moderator and passing it to format. hdr all did exactly what they said svl7 guides and other users. The machine will restart with the end button and connect it caught adapter with the fan to maximum, then made many beeps , and then restart a few minutes after there NOTHING step freezada he stayed , no keys worked or caps or button -ignition alien face . I had to pull the battery to turn it off , the whole disarmament to make a clean cmos and nothing. I have to change the bios chip? the function that will do it? or you have to change the whole mother ? which I think is crazy, because the error is in the bios Chiop surely ? someone who can send me a bios chip programmed with the alienware m14x r2 a03 to please? I pay of course , but really give me a little help because that was not what happened , I did everything as the verbatim . Svl7 if these out there, can you help me ? I saw on ebay sold bios for this notebook model but I also read that they are a scam , I recommend if you can do it with the theme of the bios I ask because I see that you're someone serious and trustworthy. THANKS! ! I am VERY SAD , VERY ! ! : ( I live in the country to have a alienware muchooo have to work with me 2 weeks of using this happens: S
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