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  1. Intel FPT & 3.05.rar - Speedy Share - upload your files here but you have to scroll down and install a exe to get it free (disclaimer) i saw it here Lenovo Y410p / Y510p - unlocked BIOS / wlan whitelist mod / vbios mod
  2. hey man you online man that awesome.....hey i got the bios dump also if its needed and the me with the bios dumped together also...im just saying if its a requirement.......i also found a bunch of those tools in About Intel Management Engine firmware thanks and the fptw64 -d output.bin i got here https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxu54l312084bx5/output.zip if its needed to help me overclock..... here is the bios dump by itself also https://www.dropbox.com/s/abznwhdcjdte8hh/bios.zip and the me firmware link also https://www.dropbox.com/s/84pdcwezhvia6bl/me.zip pch is hm65 6 series
  3. thanks.....and well i checked and i can try this out cuz it does use the clock source select 11a33 and the info says change it to 11a34 under fcim/btm .......but i have no idea of what the other icc values need to be..i need help from someone that knows howw.......... i got the link should i post it? https://www.dropbox.com/s/84pdcwezhvia6bl/me.zip can you help me mod it khenglish pleease....
  4. hey yo khenglish you there man?? can you help me mod my me? its already dumped and uploaded... - - - Updated - - - cmon guys anyone out there that can do this for me man?
  5. hey can you help me enable overclocking on my hp laptop? i have a hm65 chipset with intel celeron b800 and intel hd graphic...i already dumped the me firmware and the bios...please reply..thank you.
  6. hey there guys is anyone online that can help me mod my laptop to enable overclocking? i already dumped the me firmware and the bios ,and both put together, and i dont know what to do next......i got the hm65 chipset i used the intel 7 fptw64 tool..
  7. is anyone there? i dumped the me and the bios and both but what do i do next and how??? and where is ftic?? or did yall mean fitc tool????? how do i use this tool?? can someone help me overclock ????
  8. hey can i get some help on how to use the chipset tools on how to mod the me region or the bios (im trying to overclock) any help here or am i posting in wrong place or am i just being rejected for fun????????(cmon guys this is not a joke can it be done?)
  9. hello there am i in the right place to ask this? well.. [request]can anyone help me overclock my hp compaq presario cq57 339wm i already dumped the -me -bios and both together but i dont know what to do with it since i got rsa signed bios..id appreciate some enlightment thank you.
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