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  1. Could you give me any advice where can i find info about OC i7-3920xm ? because I tryed using search, but can't find voltages and safe currents etc.
  2. OMG it is really working ! I jumped from (worst scenario wirdest shit going on) min 20 FPS in DayZ to 44-61 on low and from min 30 in BF4 to min 54-67 on low + low temp + no BSOD tank You kind stranger !!!
  3. In bios it says: P150EMx 1.00.04TEU3 1.00.05EU So am I good to go, for sure ?
  4. Maybey there are any hacks for laptop heatsinks ? By this day i only changed termal paste on GPU, but it only gave me 2 degrees below what I'v got before. I'm also using special cooling pad and I know i can use magic FN+1 or FN+9 key combo to run full speed fan. But the sound it makes is unbearable.
  5. I have one more question: my current bios version is: Can i update right away with P150EM_17_11_PM_v2.rar, or there are some others requirements ?
  6. BTW whats are yours GPU Temperatue ?, mine starts about 72 at no wotk and goes up to 98 on mining crypto without BSOD until102 celcius. But i never overheated it while gaming.
  7. I have EUROCOM Racer 2.0 i7-3920xm 7970m, i hope P150EM will work for me, as well as flashing GPU, cos currently i have shit preformance like 20-30 fps on low in some bf4 maps
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