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  1. You have make it work without battery ??? At the notes the 1st thing you have to do is put buttery how you tried it without battery and it work ?
  2. my advise is do not install the moded bios the best you can do is sell the laptop and buy a new one that has better gpu and dont throtle down
  3. Ok I did it the only thing it need is to rename the .rom file into bios.rom ... I manage to flash the laptp at 970core and 1000 memory but listen to me WARNING !!!!!! If you put out the battery and the cable then your laptop will BRICK !!!! So if you want to install the mode bios donot remove battery and cable ever !!!! I read all the 34 pages and I saw that this happen only at QM3630 cpu pcs BUT im here to confirm that this also happens at QM3610 cpu cause I have 3610 and I brick it so becarefull with this mode bios .... I used svl7 970 core and "2400 memmory" (it was 1000) and after remove it get bricked so do not try this if you dont have garanty ... now I wait them to tell me if they fix it with garanty ... also if you want put this specific moded bios you must first write the original A11 bios from dell site (thats all what I did ... I think I have helped and prevent people from trpoubles) Στάλθηκε από το GT-I9300 μου χρησιμοποιώντας Tapatalk
  4. i tried to flash the Inspirion 7720 - A11 [650m mod 01 - 970-1400] moded bios from svl7 i had a16 so first i put the original a11 bios then i extract at the same folder the flash tool and the .rom file but when i run as administrator the .bat file and press y then it says error 252: Image file ''BIOS.ROM'' not found can any1 please help me with this issue ?
  5. elit90

    780M Gx Bricked

    is this possible to replace the gpu at your laptop ? at mine dell 7720 with gt650m its impossible cause the card is built in the mainboard
  6. i have 3610qm and i wonder if this bios file can help me deny the gpu to stuck at 745 can you verify that please?
  7. hi all thats my first post here and iam very happy cause this site has hold out so much good information about my dell laptop that i didnt know... i have a dell inspiron 7720 with a gt 650m and i try to do the best i can to keep my gpu cool cause some times it reaches 93 c ... so i was wondering if it worth the time and the work to put thermal paste at the gpu ? has any1 from you do this work befor ? it has considerable effect at the temperatures or there is no need to try it ? also i must say that i have an arctic cooling mx-4 paste but i had buy it 10 years ago is there any problem with this ?
  8. 780m sli is about 35% better in fps than 880m but it has big diference in prise also ... so you choose what your wallet can afford
  9. hi i whould like to ask is there any posibility the problem i have with my gpu throtling has to do with cpu boost ?
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