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  1. PREMA!! FOR YOU MAN! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! XXXXXXXXXXX LOVE TO YOU MAN! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HERE AGAIN FOR YOU PREMA!! ... not that i smoke... i just felt you like the reg eeeeee xxxxxxxxxxx
  2. HELLO ALL! Im very sorry for not making the new year! i was incapacitated!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! HERE ARE SOME TRACK I HAVE SAVED FOR YOU ALL!> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIqrv0TwlfA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyc2swBAK8k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PJf91eQTwg Thank all on this web site for there dedication and love!!.. B3 ALL! .. STAY WITH LOVE!! ( : : ) always!! !! !!
  3. ..i also must post this. Everyone one the planet should listen to this at least once...
  4. Here guys... just heard this ... Audiophile headphones required! (: : )
  5. ..one for the road....... HERE : https://soundcloud.com/earthling/sets/new-music Thanks to u preama,.... Thanks man! : D keep it fresh! ( :
  6. ....Dame Prema!! Im so sorry to hear this! I was so under the impression that they were getting better! IM GUTTED! I wish that there was more that could have been done! My love goes out to you there! XXXX SIGHS !!! All the best man! XXX
  7. Hi Prema. Im not sure if you did not catch this message i sent to you a few days back.I wondered that if you were to dig up the old bios would you still be able to update it with all the new features that all your new bios releases has?...If you can do it i sure would make it worth your while.Its a pain not being able to shut the system down properly.When i first got the P370SM it was shutting down just fine until i updated my bios!..I worry that i will not be able to sell it on in the future, to upgrade to a newer model with it like it is....Thanks...
  8. Thanks Prema...If you were to dig it up and find the very old EC/BIOS version, would you still be able to adjust it so that it had the latest updated features that your new bios'es have?
  9. ...is there any solution to this situation with a development board and the shutting down problem with the P370SM? ...will the new bios you release in the future resolve this problem?
  10. Heres a group named "LOUD" playing live at the famous boom festival in Portugal.
  11. ...Yesterday i accidentally came across a forum where a person could not get there DSR working. A person replied stating that to make DSR work you have to run in full screen mode.I did not try full screen mode.I always use windowed borderless. I wondered if you still have the VHD of win 10 and could test that easily.
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