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  1. Hello, I own a M6700 with a K3000m, the vbios that you have provided works as intended. I can now add up to +542 MHz in P0 using Nvidia inspector. My temperatures are very nice, stable 60 C always, maybe sometimes jumps to 62. Thank you for the vbios. It is really incredible what potential the k3000m has. But I am writing for other reasons. 1) I can only go up to +420 MHz, I understand that it maybe because there is not enough voltage so I can not go higher. But the thing is that when the core is at +420 and the memory is at +0 MHz and If add just a few hundred MHz to the memory I would get like what seems to be a GPU shutdown. I have no problem in adding up to +1200 MHz to the memory at lower frecuencies on the cores like +135, +300. So, maybe there is some kind of power limit which keeps me from adding frecuency/power consumption by shutting down the GPU. I think if memory is stable at +1100MHz then it should be stable like that no matter the core frecuency is, isn´t it so? Forgot to add: I have tried it with a turned off monitor and no peripherals using energy, same result. 2) After some stress testing sometimes the GPU gets stuck in P8, literally. P8 is the lowest performance mode, 400/800 (effective). Is this some kind of bug? Any work around except restarting? Thank you again for the vbios.
  2. TonyDark23

    Intel 6 Core CPUs Owners Lounge

    Hello, I am a 3930k owner. 4.2GHz at 1.34v, I just do not want to go any higher because of what I have encountered. Let me explain why, when I use processor stress testing software (Intel Burn Test, Prime) everything is fine at first. Temps are 68 C with 150 Watts, but after some seconds the wattage jumps to 200-210 Watts. I have done some reading I believe that it is to prevent voltage drop. But the problem is that my temps rocket to 75-80 C when the cpu uses 200 watts... Under less demanding tests and games there are no wattage jumps like this and the temps are stable. I want to squeeze some more performance out of the CPU, but I want to ask should I? and how? Maybe there is a solution to the voltage drop problem. Here are some basic specs: Custom water cooling. Ram: Quad channel 4x8Gbytes 1600MHz MB: Asus Rampage 4 Extreme GPU: HD 7990 GPU2: HD 7990 PSU: Lepa G1600 Please tell me if you want any more information like screens, etc... Yes I am an amateur, any advice would be appreciated. I hope I can learn from your experiences =)
  3. TonyDark23

    Radeon HD 7990 "the Beast"

    I own two 7990... Asus R4E, i7-3930k 4.2GHz, 32Gbytes 1866MHz quad channel (4x8). The first problem I had with them was that I needed to organize the power connections to the PSU, you can not randomly stick them in any port... I tried 1 w/o crossfire and I just fell in love, who cares what other GPUs exist if I have this beast. Turned on crossfire, at first it was not perfect... but after a driver update, all GPU cores scale nicely. For some games I just turn off CF, obviously that much power is not needed. The highest I could get them to in a game was with extremely modded skyrim which used 66% on all cores. They are water cooled with EK full cover blocks, two pumps in the rig and a thick 480mm with push and pull for each card and an 240mm for the processor. I am an amateur, and how and for what reason I have these beasts is non of your business. But, I want to say that they were worth the money with the game bundle as a bonus.
  4. TonyDark23

    What fans do you use?

    I use EK-CoolStream RAD XTX (480) with FA60RE1220 Hiditec bajo ruido - Red Series Fans. I have two of those rads with a push-pull setup using these cheap and surprisingly quiet fans. For cooling of a 1200 Watt setup. Yes I am an amateur. I am thinking of upgrading the fans but so far I am quite happy about performance and not molested too much by the sound.
  5. What about AMD? The R9 - 290X? Maybe I am just a newbie in high end rigs, so please tell me why 780 > R9 290X?

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