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  1. Update: I modified my BIOS to have the fan kick in at 100% at a lower temperature. It made zero difference. The fan is just too wimpy to keep temps down while overclocking. I'm going to try a gel cooling pad.
  2. Ok thanks. I suspect that it's just heat that's limiting my overclocks. I can run higher for a while but then it freezes once it gets too hot. Are there any plans in the works for a modified BIOS to increase the fan speeds? This card doesn't seem to have the ability to control the fan from the usual apps like Hwinfo64. It might have to be changed in the BIOS. - - - Updated - - - To anyone else that finds this thread, the AFUDOS utility gives a "Bad command or file name" error when you try to flash the new BIOS. Use the Aflash2 utility posted by Silvan and it works fine. Or if you want to use Winflash open it with command prompt and use the /nodate modifier I mentioned earlier. This works fine also.
  3. http://i.imgur.com/0Nu7M.png http://i.imgur.com/iyV6x.png Before I flash a third time could you please look at these two screenshots from GPU Shark. They seem to suggest that the flash was successful and the card still won't pass 0.9000v. The first screenshot is at idle and the second is when running a 3D test. You can see the the profile states 0.925v but when you look at the current voltage it says 0.9000v. Any thoughts?
  4. Thank you. Besides using Winflash I also flashed via bootable USB stick in DOS as mentioned early in this thread using AFLASH2 with the same results. Are you talking about a third way of flashing? Is there how-to online somewhere that I could follow? After I flash I always enter the BIOS and select 'Reset BIOS to Optimized Defaults'. Should I not being doing that step? I read elsewhere that doing that can prevent possible issues.
  5. http://i.imgur.com/ju1fD.png http://i.imgur.com/lEwDf.png The first link is GPU-Z at startup. The second is GPU-Z after running a test in MSI Kombuster. You can see the VDDC stays at a steady 0.9000v the whole time.
  6. This modified VBIOS didn't allow me to up my overclock at all. I had no problems flashing to the modified BIOS. I used both Winflash and the bootable USB stick method just to be sure. For those wanting to use Winflash and are having problems with the error message saying their current BIOS is newer you can just launch Winflash from command prompt with an /nodate modifier. Open command prompt and find the directory for Winflash then to launch the .exe type "Winflash /nodate" (remove the quotation marks). You'll still get the 'newer version' error message but it will let you flash the modified BIOS anyways. I hope you have better luck with this BIOS than I did because for me it didn't let me overclock any higher. The best stable overclock I can get is 780 CPU clock with a 970 memory clock with either the ASUS BIOS or with this modified one. I can't be certain that it upped the GPU voltage since GPU-Z reports 0.9000 volts with the stock VBIOS and this modified one so I suspect the app can't properly read the GPU voltage for the 555m. The limiting factor seems to be temperatures. Once I hit 77-78 degrees GPU I get freeze up no matter what the clock. What we really need is the ability to control the fan speed. Has anyone found a way to do that? Also, be sure to uninstall Power4Gear hybrid. That's ASUS power management software. Once I got rid of it and just used the power options built into Windows I noticed a large drop in my temps. You can further control temps by disabling Turbo boost of the CPU. Go into power options in Windows, be sure you're in high performance profile, and select 99% for minimum processor speed and 99% for maximum processor speed. The CPU will stay out of Turbo boost as long as it never reaches 100%. You don't need CPU Turbo boost for games since mostly it is the GPU that is limiting not the CPU. Good luck and let me know if you find a way to control fan speed. Also, if someone wanted to take apart their N55SF and test it with a volt meter I think that would be the only way to see if this modified BIOS actually changes the GPU voltage to 0.9250. I certainly doesn't seem that way since it didn't allow any higher overclock for me. Thanks for the effort for those that created the file though. It was fun to play around with.
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