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  1. Hi, anyone still looking for a modified bios look here: http://ad-file.com/6mNQQLbFWhttp://ad-file.com/8RHrzSgbYhttp://ad-file.com/8PW6rzdhqhttp://ad-file.com/857c8fgrd I emailed according to the links and made a small donation. Now running with an unlocked bios on my Dell 17R 7720 SE. They unlock overclocking on the 650m and also all bios options. Having read the thread these seem to work on the i5 3230m (my cpu), i5 3210m and i7 3610m I have no idea if they work with the i7 3630m but even if running on a supported cpu, run at your own risk. I took the risk and it paid off but it may not for you!
  2. Hey Svl7. I have been using your bios you posted for the 650m inside my Dell 7720. Thanks for it, because it allows me to overclock compared to the stock bios..even boost seems to work correctly unlike stock. Dells bios for the 650m is horrendous, yours on the other hand fixes the problems. When you posted it, a few people (including me) found that the intended core and memory frequencies of 970/1400 weren't working right. Instead the bios shows as core 970 memory 1000. Its not a big problem because we can overclock fine, but in case you have forgotten, is it possible to fix? Here is your post a while back when you said you would try to fix the problem when you had time. Thanks so much for your great work.
  3. There is a bios posted earlier in this thread that includes a new overclock for the core gpu frequency, but not the memory. It does however unlock overclocking compared to the default dell bios. I don't recommend anyone with a non-default cpu installs it, since a few people have claimed it doesn't work with their quad core CPUS. I doubt there will be any more updates now since its been a while since posted, but ill keep my eye open every so often.
  4. Any more news on this svl7? If not is there any way I can fix myself?
  5. I wouldn't risk it unless one of the Authors has confirmed testing it with that CPU. Most have i5's. The bios posted by Slv7 overclocks the card too 970 core and and I have only once had a driver crash and restart. My temps are around 70'c so if you are getting 90'c this is way too hot. I have my memory clocked at 1400 and its stable. I wouldnt raise voltages in a laptop. No idea about rivatuner and fraps, OSDs are funny when it comes to running more than one at the same time. Read the thread. You need to install the custom bios from slv7 to overclock the GPU.
  6. This is the same for me. Sometimes I boot its 1400mhz and other times 1000mhz. I am looking forward to a fix if you have time:)
  7. Dodgexander

    Lucidlogix Virtu : internal LCD mode for AMD eGPUs

    Thats what I thought. But I was hoping to find some kind of workaround apart from the one that had already been mentioned. Seems they only offer it to certain laptop manufactures, which is a shame.
  8. Olenkh's posted bios may allow you to change this as it has all the bios settings, but it may not be possible,
  9. Dodgexander

    Lucidlogix Virtu : internal LCD mode for AMD eGPUs

    Have they taken the mobile solution away in favor of an exclusive deal with origin? Can't see MVP 2.0 for mobile any more.
  10. The newer one listed here from Olenkh should. It unlocks all BIOS options. However I'm not 100% sure if its possible to do what you're asking on laptop.
  11. Dodgexander

    17r SE 7720

    Has anyone found that whist gaming on battery and using the dedicated graphics card, cpu halts at a lower frequency? I have it with an i5 @ 2.6ghz and it halts at 1.17ghz. If gaming on integrated graphics this doesn't happen. If gaming on power this doesn't happen. Its not a game-breaker,but becomes annoying if you are in the middle of a game and need to unplug.

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