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  1. I have a Lenovo Y500. I tried to flash the bios a few years ago but something happened and it never came back to life. Today I've tried to revive it. The TL;DR is... No other "normal" recovery methods worked so... I purchased an SPI clamp to read and flash the BIOS chip directly (using a Raspberry Pi). Because the bios file provided here and on Lenovo's website is almost 8 MB and the two chips on the motherboard are 4 MB and 2 MB, I had to dig around to try to find some one who had posted their .bin/.rom files for each of those chips. Unfortunately, none of them worked. The system will turn on, and it will even enter into recovery mode using FN+R, but the USB flashes a couple of times, then turns off, then cycles through the few flashes. Maybe I don't have the correct file it's looking for but idk anymore. If anyone knows specifically what files to put on that USB drive to make that work OR can give me a SPI dump of their BIOS chips, that would be splendid. Thanks.
  2. Worked perfectly coming from 1.10. I did have to remove my wifi card as I got an error when updating to 3.05 about invalid firmware. After I took it out everything worked great. Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much for doing this. I have an older version and I'm about to try to upgrade. I'll respond with results.
  4. Has anyone found a modded bios for the HP DV6 with the Radeon 6770M so I can use any wifi adapter? I just got a Lenovo 510p and I'll use a modded bios on there, but I want to set this computer up to use an AC card.
  5. I got the Y510p with SLI'd 750M gt's. I know this isn't top of the line, but for $999 it's a great deal.
  6. This is a fantastic post with great info. Thanks to the OP!
  7. This would be nice but unfortunately as far as I've been able to tell you can't use the onboard with SLI/second card. It's ok though. I still get great battery life considering what this computer is and can do.
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