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  1. I had now the opportunity to test a ivy bridge in my system and as expected, it failed. After that I ran MEInfo and to my surprise it didnt update the fw. Seems to me that it updated some other parts. Thats probably why my system still booted. While it failed for others. I even included some new microcode in the bios. So sorry for the noise, though I really dont understand what went wrong as windows even detected new hardware after ME flash...
  2. Turbo works, and I can alter my ram timings and frequencies with XTU 2.1. So I guess it does.
  3. I red several threads on the net stating that ME8 was used on 6 series mobo's to enable Ivy Bridge support, so I had quite some expectations that things work. I will ask a friend if I can get a Ivy to test. Maybe Im lucky.
  4. I used the FTIC provided in the download link for 6 series chipset. FTIC Anyway I flashed your modded ME fw, I have now basically ME8 on my machine. Unfortunately, the bar for bclk, which was grey and disabled before flashing has now completely disappeared. :/ Also I cant raise power limits in Throttle Stop which would be very useful even if bclk oc doesnt work because of hardware restrictions.
  5. Hi to all, I just stumbled over this and got pretty interested. I have a Clevo P150HM and wanted to do some oc. I already flashed this to P170HM to enable XTU working, now I wanted to get further... I successfully dumbed my bios and got all the tools. I edited my dumb with Flash Image Tool but upon building it says "Configuration Parameter Size Mismatch", it does this even without editing anything. So whats up here, do I need new ME FW first? The one from my dumb is
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