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  1. Good luck because blowntaha's method didn't work for me. No disrespect, but I was unsuccessful. I'm really interested to hear if it works for you.
  2. Exact same thing happened to me. If you're still under warranty just send it back to Lenovo. They will replace your motherboard as they did mine.
  3. I have a Y480 and after I had it repaired because I bricked it with a BIOS here, it came back with version 8.02. I dumped it and sent it to him hoping for a new mod. That was in November.
  4. Will svl7 ever return to this thread? I was in contact with him some months ago about modding my newer BIOS and he never got back to me.
  5. Hello @svl7. I sent you my 8.02 BIOS some time ago. Have you had an opportunity to look at it?
  6. I figured out why your SPDIF light is always on, @sergioosh: You don't have the Realtek drivers installed. I was messing around and uninstalled them myself and with Windows running the show, SPDIF light is always on. However, Windows still doesn't route audio to the digital out unless I set it as default. Can you test that for me?
  7. Okay, I will happily do that. Just use FPTW64 as is or am I able to strip my Windows serial number?
  8. Can I image it for you? Would you be able to mod it for me?
  9. Hmm... Got my computer back today, came with BIOS version 8.02. Now what? Are you there, svl7?
  10. No I didn't hold the buttons that long. I was under the impression it was more immediate. After the reboot it was back to its vegetative state. So you were able to unbrick it this way? I also wonder where people learned about Fn + B/R since it's not on Lenovo's site or manuals.
  11. Shouldn't the key combo be the same for the Y480/Y580? I don't suppose this info is published anywhere. I have tried that procedure Fn + B as well as R and I got what you described: the fan blew at 100%, no keyboard light, still nothing onscreen. Sometimes it would reboot itself after doing that. I've tried with the variously named QIWY(3, 4, 3207)(.rom, .bin) and it would never work. I tried it also with the file from the BIOS upgrade Lenovo has on their site. It seemed not to even try the flash drive. Thanks for trying to help me. Here's hoping I don't brick it next time because the Centrino 2200-N card blows.
  12. I did everything in my power to repair it myself. When booting in any mode the screen never activated, not even the backlight. The unit never searched attached flash drives (they never blinked), but there was bus power. Something was severely ruined, possibly the bootblock. The only misstep I can identify was my using svl7's 8.01 mod when my BIOS was 8.00. I was using Windows 8.1 but Lenovo has not released an update on their site. I don't know what EC and MC are. When I get my laptop back next week I'll be sure to check in here before doing anything.
  13. That's not a guide. Steps involved, links, etc. It's the curse of the noob but I don't know what MC, EC, where to find them, or how to flash them (separately). I do know when I looked at my stock BIOS last, I only saw one version: 8.00. I already bricked my computer, presumably because I did something wrong, and I'm awaiting delivery back from Lenovo. I am determined not to fuck it up again.
  14. You seem to have a good, working procedure at your disposal. Could you please, for everyone on the forum, write a step-by-step guide?
  15. Can you put it in big red letters on your OP? Hopefully others won't wind up like me. So, then, what can be done about my computer? I'll try anything.
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