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  1. @svl7Dear svl7, don't worry. it works fine. I can overlock until 998 mhz but can't reach 1045mhz like 1.05v vbios. If you can provide more version of voltage that will be great. Thanks a lot!
  2. @svl7, the latest bios of DELL has default voltage 1.012 instead of 0.987. DELL has add voltage for more stability? Can you also add the version of v1.05?
  3. I have flashed this vbios. it seems that the default max voltage is 1.0120 instead of 0.987.
  4. Hi Svl7, what's the new feature in the latest DELL 680M 80.04.5B.00.02 bios version?
  5. Hi grechie, here is the highest score for my DELL 680M with v1.05 vbios. The limit is 1088/2300 max temperature during test is 76° GPU 8703 Physic 7044 Combined 6035. Finally the general score P8061 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-2760QM Processor,Alienware M17xR3 score: P8061 3DMarks
  6. @grechie I have tried the dell vbios at storage voltage and the one with v1.05. With storage voltage, I can OC until 1006/2250, 3d11 GPU score P8100, with v1.05 version. I can OC until 1045/2250 and GPU score P8400. As I am using 17R3 CPU i7 2760QM is not so good so the I got less CPU score and Combined Score. The general score is between P7600 - P7800 can't pass P8000. I will do more test with v1.05 to see the limits of my card. Anyway, there is no throttling at all. All versions work stably.
  7. Hi naldor, the DELL 1.05v bios is stable @1045/2349 in the game? no throttling? what's the temperature?
  8. Just one remark, the DELL 680M start to throttle from 76° with latest version of vbios. So the cooling support for notebook is necessary for my 17R3
  9. The newest DELL bios works great in 17R3. I can software overlock to 1006/1125 and in 3D11 i got 76XX and GPU score is 81XX. svl7 you are amazing! Thank you very much
  10. It seems that with 850 bios, at 850mhz the voltage is 0.962. if you can have boost speed at 889 you will get 0.987. It should work properly already. If Svl7 can provide 915 bios with default voltage. I will happy to test
  11. Hi, which vbios are you using to get 900mhz at 0.95v? It seems to be stable at this voltage.
  12. Dear Svl7, could you please help to make a new DELL 680M bios with 915mhz default clock, clocks adjustable and stock voltage? I have found DELL 680M works well in R3 at 850mhz with no boost at 0.962v. Want to try the 915 clock with boost voltage 0.987v. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, how can you get 900 at 0.962v? software OC or vbios flash? you have 17R4 or 18R2?
  14. I have DELL680M on my 17R3. Strange thing happened, I have tried before the 850 stock bios and it throttles. Then I have tried the 758 version and it's stable. But the OC by software didn't seems to work well. The max voltage is 0.987. Today I have tried again the 850 bios and it's stable. I have noticed that the max voltage is 0.962. I don't know how could it happen but effectively with undervolt at 0.962 my card doesn't throttle anymore and I got P6666 in 3Dmark11. Before it was P6300 for 819 bios. I would like to get one improved bios at 850 with software OC possibility that will be great.
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