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  1. I'm using your bios for month now, i'm totaly satisfied with it and never want the old one back again (Great work!). Nevertheless i'm having two little issues i can't fix right now. 1st: I want to set my memory offset which i'm using in 3d mode on the P0 Profile as well on the P2 Profile to avoid clock changes and display "flashes" i've experienced with different vram clocks. I'm using NVIDIA-Inspector, but the starting task seems not to be able to set the P2 and P0 settings at the same time (?), i found no way to set this up without an other startup shortcut clock profil for P2. Am i the only one with display "flashes" with different vram clocks or problems with applying these settings on startup? 2nd: I want to use multi display power saver but if i try to check my GPU in the preferences (1x GTX Titan) my two monitors flash instantly black and flickering no way to solve this without pc restart. I have tested all other settings on my gpu for month and never had problems before. Interesting as well, if i'll use the stock bios this problem will not appear! Thanks for your help!
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