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  1. +1 This is esscentially what I just asked! lol Though, I am not sure what you need the voltage increase for? The Classified voltage software takes care of that, right? (I say that, while starring at my newly-delivered-5-minutes-ago-and-sitting-on-my-desk EVBOT.
  2. 2x EVGA 780 Classified SLI on air I've been reading for a few days about all of these modified BIOS available. Disabled boost, increased power targets, won't need more than 350W, etc. My experience with my previous EVGA GTX 670 4GB SuperClocked+ were great by doing three things: Max power target (122% for them) Max voltage 60% fan Leaving everything else on auto, including clocks and boost, the cards would hit ~1222 all day long, hitting the power target of 121-122%. Sometimes jumping to 1248 Mhz - which is the max boost set in the stock BIOS (I opened and checked it). My point is I would like to only tweak one thing in my OEM/LN2 Classified's BIOS: Increase max wattage to 450W (or at least PT 135% or hell, make it 200% so we can take a snapshot like K|ngP|n did). Classified cards have 2x 8-pin connectors (150W each) and a motherboard draw of 75W. That's 375W, which is over the 350W. I have a single 12V PSU, so excessive power draw is fine (my previous GTX 580 HydroCoppers were pulling about 420W at 1.25V - and I was running 3 of them on a motherboard with no additional "PCIe Power Plug" like modern boards do). But, all of these BIOS seem to have boost disabled and other power-saving techniques. I would rather run the stock BIOS and tweak things myself. I'm more than happy to edit the HEX myself. But I'd be blind in not knowing what memory offset and page locations to edit. You know, since the Kepler BIOS Tweaker and other current software only supports 600 series cards. Barring that knowledge, is is feasible to request a simple tweak to the Classified bios for higher power targets? I already have an EVBOT to handle the voltages. EDIT: I see that the v03 bios has 100% Power Target = 450W now. Ok, that wasn't clear in the OP. Thanks!
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