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  1. Again, @svl7, thank you for the vBIOS for my machine as well. Still looking on that mxm adapter but its bad times lately. I saw the one on ebay but it was only for type I and II, getting the 3a/b I'm coming up with nothing man =\ I found a chinese vendor but I'll have to send them some correspondence directly, as there are no buy links on their website (they are whole salers) but it may be just that simple to send them a message and have them put one on ebay for sale. In case you want to take the lead, i'm referring to these guys: Products - MXM TO PCIE,PCI-E TO MXM II -
  2. Everything seems to be functioning correctly, tested power target, increase and decrease throttle properly. Tested thermal target, working as well. Voltage plane seems to affect not only core clock stability but also very much impacts the ram, this isn't a bad thing in any way, just weird not having individual sliders, tho I know thats just a limitation of the graphics card design. I haven't pushed it too far into insanity, but even at 100% power target, it takes significantly more clock+voltage+load to flag power as the limiter, so I guess it was nerfed pretty hard by Asus? Either way, will keep pushing it around and report back, so far after the last 2 hours or so, it's good as gold svl7. Thank you kindly.
  3. Flashes, boots, then fails at the driver level. Bang in device manager permanently, occasionally says it requires a restart, "windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems, code 43" Tried adjusting a bit in bios, no go, clean install on drivers, different versions, nothing working.
  4. Like I said, I'm all ears to get it going. And yes, I remember reading a post of a gentlemen who upgraded his video card in an alienware laptop only to be violated by that "unsupported panel" message after. The only thing I can trade in kind is being a guinea pig and cooking up some android firmware from source if you're interested. I've been in I.T. for so long, but always put off programming, its a steep curve from zero. If only it was like the old days and I could fire up a nice TSR program to simply spoof all the info that the nvidia driver wanted to "hear"
  5. Are either of these 770m bios safe for the Asus G750JX or should I just wait? Thanks in advance.
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