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  1. I'm ordering my m14x tonight, so i was just customizing it to see the exact cost. When i put in the name plate, it added $20. Now to my knowledge, every other time i've customized the laptop, it was free. does anyone know anything about this?! Thanks
  2. Hey Wbabt, thank you for replying. I guess i probably should invest in some more RAM, but for the time being i'll just stick with the 4gb, until i need more. I also have a question. When overclocking your m14x, what would be some safe overclocking stats to input into the bios? Thanks again.
  3. hey guys, so upon buying my m14x, i was wondering it the i7 2630, 4GB Ram, and the 1.5gb gt555m will be able to support these two games? im not much of a computer guy so i wouldnt know. Thanks!
  4. Ahh okay, thanks for the help! Sorry I'm a it of a noob when it comes to knowing anything about gaming on a laptop. I would usually just stick with my xbox, but that is now broken. Does overclocking harm your laptop though? I just don't wanna overheat it that it would burn out quickly and my money is then wasted.
  5. Alright, thanks Staff Sargent and Steven. But the m14x with a 2630 2.0ghz (w turbo 2.9ghz) along with the 1.5nvidia gt 555m and 4gb dual memory should run black ops or anything pretty smoothly right now with good fps? thanks again.
  6. Alright, thanks. how about the Core processor? Is the i7 2630 fast enough along with the Geforce GT 555m to run the games smoothly with nice fps? I will really only be playing black ops and MW3 when it comes out. Thanks.
  7. Hey everyone! so i was thinking of buying an Alienware M14x pretty soon. I was just wondering if there really is a difference of a single 6GB DDR3 @1600MHz and a 4/8GB Dual Channel DDR3 @1600MHz. Is it worth getting the extra RAM if i change the GB from 4 to 6 or 8? Or would it not matter much? and also, for the video card, should i stay at the 1.5GB DDR3 nVidia Geforce GT555 or get the 3GB one? Is there much of a difference in performance? I would only be playing Black Ops and MW3 when it comes out. Thanks for the help everyone!
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