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  1. Will try again now - Fn+b with stock rom Yes. Tried
  2. I cant get the laptop to stay powered on long enough to run through the BIOS update again. I can run step1 and then when it boots back into DOS, I cannot even type 'step2' before she shuts herself off It's almost as it a temp sensor is going into panic mode and shutting it off. Same 15 seconds of power everytime I think I'll need a new mobo which is not cheap! **** mobile gaming. I'll be building a PC next Good luck with yours mate
  3. Sorry to bump but has anyone got an idea? Thanks
  4. No mate. Everything appears fine and then she shuts off
  5. I wondered if anyone else had come across this problem with a laptop other than a NP9377 I have posted there but that's limited to NP9377 owners Laptop in sig Flashed v1 Prema BIOS a while to help with throttling. I live in New York. It's crazy hot here I was getting random BSODs with the std BIOS so that's why I upgraded it Then started getting them again. Have a Coolermaster U3 so temps were fine Prema came out with v2 so flashed that. Followed instructions Now laptop won't stay on for more than 15 seconds It even shuts down when in the BIOS It sometimes gets to Windows and takes 5 seconds to shut down again Shutdown - screen goes off and keyboard lights go and fans stop Tried: - Clearing CMOS (overnight disconnection, power drain for 30s using power button, AC only) - Both sticks of RAM (which doesn't say RAM has not got both dodgy module) I also cannot get back into flash as it shuts down even when in DOS Anyone had this before? I have a support ticket in with Eurocom where I am expecting them to charge me to sort the BIOS flash if that's the problem Thanks in advance (Please move if I have posted in the wrong forum)
  6. Flashed your new v2 BIOS for NP9377 now my machine just randomly shuts off after around 10-15 seconds. Sometimes it gets to Windows. But then black screen, following by keyboard lights off and then fans off. Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks. I should have probably been able to work that out myself from NVI One more - is it possible to lower the voltage on your BIOS using SW? NVI seems to crap out when I try to lower it from that above
  8. Prema - forgive the nub qn but what is the stock voltage on your 980M 8GB vBios?
  9. I flashed using the 980M OC after months of worrying. Loving the extra bit of performance. I can hit +150MHz now for consistent 60fps on Ultra on Witcher 3 at 2560x
  10. https://soundcloud.com/hardhouseheaven/jp-jukesy-tidy-christmas-weekender?in=sandy-p-1/sets/hard-house /thread
  11. I also get a shut down when overclocking using XTU. Didn't realise it was AIDA related but I also use it. I'd like some guidance pls
  12. Prema: In MSI AB I currently don't have voltage control or fan control. I figure flashing with the OC 1.1 BIOS will give me access to the voltage. But will it give me access to fan control also? Or is this centrally controlled along with the CPU fan on my X8? Forgive the noob question but I am new to high power Notebooks
  13. Added the Premo BIOS to my new Eurocom X8 based on the P377SM-A. I have to admit, my bum was twitching but the instructions were superbly clear. Thanks Prema. If I build up enough courage then I'll flash my Gcards Is there a way to remove speedstepping to force a constant frequency on the 4940MX? Is it simply to disable speedstepping?
  14. My new setup Eurocom X8 BENQ 27 144Hz Razer Orbweaver Roccat Kone XTD Nippo Mech mini KB Coolermaster SF-19
  15. Anyone tried GTAV with SLI 980Ms (not 980s ) That VRAM usage is madness...
  16. Huge thanks for the link. The one I had in mind was $40, so not a massive increased. Added to my basket
  17. Big Hero 6 is awesome Watched F7 in IMAX. Omg that ending [no spoilers]
  18. What notebook cooler is that? This is exactly the setup I want to have. External monitor + keyboard + mouse for gaming. Simply dock the laptop after a long week on the road
  19. Understood. I'll probably take the weekend then to play some games and check on whine and temps. Fingers crossed
  20. QA problems with Eurocom...? gulp! Advice noted. Thanks
  21. Just ordered a Eurocom X8. Would you all recommend me to flash Perma's VBIOS straight away?
  22. Give me a few weeks and I might have one. I had one for around 4 months before I moved to NY Great monitor. Mine had a slight problem with backlight bleed
  23. If you don't mind the whole 3.5GB issue, the 970 is a beast of a card. It's around $330-350 on Newegg The 960 is also a good card GeForce GTX 970 vs 960 http://www.hwcompare.com/18105/geforce-gtx-970-vs-radeon-hd-6870/ I don't think your setup would bottleneck a single 970 or 960 Good luck
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